The Boyfriend Bylaws

Posted: June 25, 2013

Melanie Porter has been dumped—again. When others accuse her of “being in love with being in love,” she agrees to let her best friend, Patti, step in and direct her dating life with The Boyfriend Bylaws.

Rule #1: No giving out your phone number until approved to do so.

Rule #2: Must obtain permission to accept any date invitation.

Rule #3: No bringing up marriage, kids or the future.

Rule #4: No going to first base without authorization.

Amended Rule #4: No going to first base, or any other base, without authorization.

Rule #5: No scribbling your first name with some guy's last name. Ever.

Rule #6: New rules may be added as Patti Hartley deems necessary.

Memorize it, live by it, and happy dating!
. . . .
"His name is Nick," I said. "He seems like a total gentleman, not to mention he's insanely gorgeous. Can I get permission to go on a date with him before he asks me out?"

Patti scoffed, stretched her leg out, and reached for her right foot. "No way."

Why did she have to be so difficult? I was playing by her rules. "What's the point of waiting until he asks me out, and then calling you? That's just stupid."

"Why should you wait? Let's see. Brad. Paul. Mike. Marcus. And don't think I didn't see the wink your co-worker, Matt, gave you at lunch today."
Bonus short story: My Last Blind Date by Susan Hatler: Should Rachel Price play it safe and spend Valentine's Day at home with her loyal pooch, Chester, or risk another dating disaster by letting her best friend set her up on a blind date?


This was an enjoyable read. A short story of love being right under your nose but you never see or a friend tells you, you don't. This is the case with Melanie & Matt. Melanie won't give him the time of day because she has heard he is a love them & leave them kind of guy. Yet, Melanie's boyfriend gets changed as often as she changes her pants so pot calling the kettle black right. Maybe not. Her roommate can't take it anymore & knows Melanie is not up to such heart ache all the time so she comes up with the bylaws. This is where all the fun begins. I have to say though it leaves you incomplete with other characters relationships in the story so couldn't give 5 stars. Really 3 & 1/2 is what I would give it.

The Next Logical Step...

Posted: June 25, 2013

The Next Logical StepBen has been dating Lexi for almost eight months when she starts the conversation that challenges his idea of their... next logical step.

This is a short story (approximately 6,000 words).


OMG!, this was just one of the funniest light hearted & lovable set of characters that I have read in a long time that just gripped you from the start. The story was short but the storyline was anything but. This author has something to be proud of here. This is an issue that engulfed a lot of couples & the way these two handle it was nothing short of wonderful. Got this for free but would have paid for it.

The Tycoon's Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire #1)

THE TYCOON'S REVENGE                        MELODY ANNE
Posted: June25, 2013

The Tycoon's Revenge by Melody AnneJasmine Freeman’s world is about to tumble down around her and the one responsible for it is none other than her first love, Derek Titan. She hasn't seen him in ten years, and they are both going to learn the truth of what happened back then.

Jasmine grew up wealthy and oblivious to the destruction her father caused all around him. Derek was from the wrong side of the tracks. In ten years their lives will be reversed. He is now a multi-billionaire tycoon and she works hard, but barely gets by due to her father’s unethical business practices.

Derek comes seeking revenge and instead finds out he has a half grown son and the woman he's been angry with for so many years is not who he thought she was. They both fight against the passion they still feel for each other, but in the end it is irresistible.

Come take the journey with Derek and Jasmine as they rediscover a passion that never died and the lies that kept them apart


This book is nothing like the title implies towards the woman he is in love with really. This book has so many underlying meanings that you keep asking is this when she will figure it out. Or oh no this could to be when she figures it out. It doesn't work that way at all. This author has woven an interesting twist to a Cinderella story. They're both betrayed & the question is will they find out in time to save the love they have for one another before they destroy that. It's what they even  cherished about each other. There were tender moments, funny ones, & sizzling ones also but, loving does not, out of anger. Very HEA

The Billionaire's Final Stand (Billionaire Bacholers #7)

Posted: June 25, 2013

The Billionaire's Final Stand (Billionaire Bachelors, #7)When the head of the Anderson family, Joseph, gets into a life-changing automobile accident, his family struggles to find a way to survive if he doesn’t come out of the coma the accident has placed him in.

This is the final book in the Billionaire Bachelors Series by bestselling author, Melody Anne. Take the journey as the final Anderson, Austin, is sent into a whirlwind of emotions as he chases the woman, Kinsey, he’s falling in love with. To make things even harder on him, he’s dealing with the stress of possibly losing his uncle.

Listen to the heartfelt reminiscing of Katherine as she tells the story of her romance with Joseph as she sits by his bedside, never losing faith that he’ll come back to her.

Laugh along with the large family as they turn the tables and start plotting
against George as he tries to hide his growing feelings for Esther.

This final chapter in the Anderson family will leave you laughing, crying, and on a roller coaster of emotion as you once again step back into the world of the Anderson’s.

Family always comes first to the Multi-Billionaire’s of Seattle.


Wow, what a real good series. I just love the Anderson Family. They might be billionaires but they were not just taught to write checks to charities but to work for them because it is the right thing to do not publicity. I kept wondering why they only referred to Katherine but we really did not know her. Well, this book takes care of that. Then one of the things I didn't like about this book is that Austin & Kinsey had to share their love story with the likes of Joseph an addict. Plus they had to share it with George & his new love interest. But once I could wrap my head around it I enjoyed each story. I laughed, cried, & sizzled along with the characters. Sad this series is ending.

Runaway Heiress (Billionaire Bacholers #6)

RUNAWAY HEIRESS                                   MELODY ANNE
Posted: June 25, 2013

Runaway Heiress (Billionaire Bachelors, #6)Joseph and George Anderson are once again back to match-making in the sixth book in The Billionaire Bachelors Series.

Bree has had enough of over-protective brothers and a meddling father, so she decides to run to a
small town, where she can prove she can make it on her own. The only thing wrong with that situation is there’s a stalker after her, determined to make her his – or else end her life.

George hires Chad, Mark’s best friend and ex-Navy Seal to guard Bree. She is furious about her father sending her a babysitter.

Sparks and bullets fly between Bree and Chad. Open the pages to find humor, love, mystery and so much more.


Joesph & George have done it again they have married off another child. George's daughter Bree. I was wondering how it was going to play out personality wise since all the males are usually alpha males with spunky wives. So, the author just did the same thing but I think Chad being more secure in his manliness was okay with showing Bree his softer side. They could banter, fight & still have wicked sex. The way they are brought together was interesting & I thought the storyline played out very nicely. It kept you guessing even though it turn out to be who I thought early on it had so much action it made me question myself a few times. Very good ending loved it!!!

Cover does not match story characters by the way. I don't know why that always bugs me.

Blackmailing the Billionaire (Billionaire Bacholers #5)


Blackmailing the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelors, #5)Cassandra, or Cassie, as everyone calls her is trying to get her big break into the journalism world. She wants an exclusive interview with the famous Max Anderson. But, the man refuses to return her calls. She isn’t willing to give up, but fate steps in and helps her out.

She’s out taking a walk one afternoon, when everything goes dark. She wakes up in the hospital to find out that she’s been hit by a car by none other than Max Anderson. He offers to pay her off, but there’s only one thing she wants from Max, and that’s to get her exclusive interview.

Max agrees to Cassie’s interview, but only because she intrigues him. He wants to spend time with her to find out why he can’t get her out of his mind, day or night.This is the fifth book in the Anderson Series. Come enjoy the adventures of this powerful family, who have each other, wealth, and soon love.


The Anderson Family is the family that everyone wants. Max being one of them, he is no exception. All the male Anderson's tend to alpha males but he is more bark then bite. But like the others he too found a spunky, feisty, & loving woman in Cassie. Their story will not disappoint. You will want to keep reading the next in the series because you just can't get enough about this family.

The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal (Billionaire Bacholers #4)

Posted: June 25, 2013

The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal (Billionaire Bachelors, #4)George Anderson lost his wife five years ago, and then his family fell apart. He needs to make a drastic change to bring his family back together. He gets together with his twin brother Joseph Anderson and the two men make plans to do some matchmaking for George’s stubborn children. George will get his grand kids and his family all together again.

Trenton Anderson is furious with his father, when the man decides to move the corporation he runs from Chicago to Seattle. He arrives in Seattle and meets Jennifer Stellar and the sparks immediately fly. He decides he likes what he sees and immediately begins chasing her.

Jennifer had a horrible tragedy, and lost her sister and brother-in-law in an auto accident. She has temporary custody of her niece, and needs to do whatever it takes to gain full custody. She gets a great job working for Trenton, and can’t seem to resist the man’s advances, though she continually tries.
Both Trenton and Jennifer are stubborn, and charming, and along with Trenton’s siblings and cousins, you will fall in love with the Anderson’s all over again.


OMG, this book by far seems to sizzle the most of all the books so far in the series. Jennifer & Trenton burn up a few pages throughout this book. But the beauty of this author is that it falls in place with the actual storyline & not just drop in for the sake of being salacious. Jennifer's character is a breath of fresh air to Trenton's surliness. I just enjoy the two meddling elders who are the family matchmakers. What a fun family to be a part of.

The Billionaire Falls (Billionaire Bachelors #3)

Posted: June 25, 2013

The Billionaire Falls (Billionaire Bachelors, #3)This is the third book in the Billionaire Bachelors Series.

Mark Anderson is a Billionaire Cowboy who loves his ranch as much as he loves his family. He has watched his older brother's find love and is thinking that it does not look like such a bad thing after all. He hires a new cook, who he finds irresistible.

Emily is on the run with her son and ends up landing the cook job for Mark. She is thrilled, but lets him know that she does not want anything more from him than a job.

This story is full of laughter, romance, family, and love.


Oh how I love to read stories from this writer. Ok, the first book in this series I was able to read free. But the ones after I have bought myself mainly for her style of writing. She has a way of engulfing the read in the lives of the characters. Which ensures a roller coaster ride of emotions, events, & cast. This story a lone gives you this hunky cowboy as the love interest, the single mom with son, meddling dad (matchmaker), & a mystery on the ranch. What more can you ask for. Humor you say? Well, that is just understood. All I know is I have fallen in love with this family & this author.

The Billionaire Wins The Game (Billionaire Bachelors #1)

Posted: June 25, 2013

The Billionaire Wins the Game (Billionaire Bachelors, #1)Joseph Anderson has decided it is time his three successful sons find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his huge mansion, and he wants them immediately.

His eldest son Lucas is successful in all areas of his life except love. He has no desire to have any woman enter that life, causing chaos, or using his family's name.

Amy Harper was raised in tragic circumstances and does not like pampered, rich men who have been handed everything with a silver spoon. She spent years finishing her education and was blessed to get a job with the famous Andersons Corporation.

Amy and Lucas will fight their attraction to each other, but find that they cannot resist the sparks that fly. They take a journey together learning to challenge, trust and ultimately….. Love.


Okay people this is fiction. Hello, make believe. I don't know what others are expecting but if you are looking for a classic or the great American novel you are in the wrong section. This is romance with a capital "R".
Amy & Lucas are thrown together in a working environment by Lucas' father Joseph. The former owner of the company that Lucas now heads. The instant attraction makes the two uncomfortable but they hold themselves in check. Till one night Lucas just can't. They spend a wild night together but upon waking Lucas is gone & she is unsure what to think.
After panicking Lucas decides to act like it didn't happen even though he wants to be with her more then any woman ever. When he sees her he addresses her by Ms. & acts indifferent. She decides to play the same game to his disliking. Meanwhile, Joseph is pleased as punch. To see the sexual friction & the love within. It only gets better from here.
No, it is not going to change your world. Yes there are problems with spelling & grammar. Yet, the family drama is endearing, the characters are funny & light hearted. I hope you will enjoy this for what it is. A father who loves his children & meddles in their love lives. In this there is the fun of a love story.

Falling For Rain

FALLING FOR RAIN                                   MEADOW TAYLOR
Posted: 25, 2013

Falling for RainWill coming home mean heartbreak or happiness?

When Emily was eighteen, her mother died in an accident on their farm in rural Ontario. Devastated, Emily vowed never to suffer the loss of love again. She fled to Toronto and transformed herself from a farm girl into a sophisticated businesswoman. Now, ten years later, having made good in the big city, Emily is back to sell the family farm and put her past behind her forever. However, she didn’ t count on finding Ray Storm, the farmhand she had nicknamed Rain as a child, more attractive than ever. But as Emily struggles to come to terms with the tragedy of her mother’ s death and learns to trust again, Rain harbours a secret that he fears will keep them apart forever.

Falling for Rain is a classic contemporary romance in the tradition of Kristin Hannah and Nora Roberts, set against a picturesque country landscape. Meadow Taylor breathes new life into this heartwarming modern-day romance, exploring enduring themes of love, loss, healing, and trust.


What a beautifully told love story of two tortured souls. So, in love with each other they can't get out of their own way. Well, really that it not true. Emily is the start & finish of all the trouble. She's just spoiled. Rain (Ray) is such a fantastic guy, that when he does do little things as pay back, she really does deserve it. But this book makes you happy, sad, & mad. You laugh & cry too. A very special read the best part is there is a love story within a love story.

Curve Ball

CURVE BALL                                                CHARLOTTE STEIN
Posted: June 25, 2013

Curve BallWhen Judy Myers is offered a relaxing vacation to get away from her latest heartbreak, she can’t say no. A cruise on her brother’s yacht sounds like heaven...until she realises her brother’s best friend has been invited along for the ride.

Steven Stark is big, he’s loud, and he’s obviously not interested in the plump, plain little sister he used to tease unmercifully. In fact, he’s still quite happy to tease her – until she turns the tables on him. Now Steven can’t seem to keep his thoughts, or his hands, to himself. And worse, Judy’s not sure she can resist the attraction she’s kept buried for so many years.

Being trapped on a boat isn’t the best place to be, when you’re suddenly thrown a hunky curve ball.


This book is so deceiving because you believe Steve is one way but he turns out totally different in the end. This short story is told mostly from Judy's point of view as BBW. She hits right on the money for the most part except when it comes to Steve. Although, Steve should have grown a few when it came to Judy's good for nothing fat hater brother. All in all I recommend this book. I did not know what to expect. I did plan on really hating Steve but sorry to tell you did not happen.

The Cowboy Wins A Bride

Posted: June 25, 2013

All Jamie Lassiter wants is to marry his best friend’s sister and settle down for the rest of his life in Chance Creek. He’s saved his money, bought into the Cruz Guest Ranch and he’s ready for that wedding, but Claire Cruz is nowhere to be found.

Claire’s too busy leaving Montana behind to care about cowboys or their wedding plans. She’s got plans of her own – a trip around the world. She’ll go as soon as she buys her tickets and she doesn’t care if she ever sees Chance Creek again.

Desperate to change Claire’s mind, Jamie proposes a bet: give him six weeks to convince her to marry him. If he can’t, he’ll pay for her round-the-world tickets himself.

Claire can wait six weeks if it means free tickets and a chance to get a little revenge on a man who once broke her heart. She’s got only one stipulation: Jamie can’t touch or flirt with her – or any other woman – while the bet is on.

Now Jamie’s on the run from a bevy of cowboy-groupie ranch guests, and Claire’s learning she cares about the ranch – and Jamie – more than she dreamed possible.

Maybe it’s time to lose that bet.

As long as Jamie loses it first.


This was a fun is going story. All the characters were enjoyable and you could become fully invested in each of them for the most part. This story revolved for the most part Claire and Jamie and their relationship or non-relationship. These two characters grew up together on Claire's family ranch with her younger brother Ethan who Jamie is friends with. It turns out that Jamie did not have a good relationship with his own parents and spent a lot of time at their home until he finally just moved there and got a job there too. Claire's father even gave him the little cabin that was on the property since he loved the land, horses and ranch in general, her dad just loved him hanging around. All the time he was around Claire he loved everything about her they could talk and she loved the horses and the ranch as much as he did. So, he set his mind on one day marrying her by saving his money and planning for their future. With on minor glitch, he may have forgotten to tell Clair. He did however tell his other friends like Rob, Cab, Luke, etc... They just ended up playing cat and mouse. When Claire left home due to a fight she had with her mother never to return home except for short visits made Jamie question himself and where their future was headed. Yet, when Ethan was getting married and Clair came home to help out just months after her parent’s death (car accident) her life takes a terrible detour and a craziness she or I never saw coming and a lot of it was funny but most of the hidden meaning was sad. If you are a daughter you will feel her pain because we have all been there at least once. Mother and daughter relationship are questionable. There are some very unanswered questions that left me hanging that I did not like. Like what did happen to all the money from her parents account? Do they finally get married? Mainly where is the epilogue? I would give this book a 3.75 stars here is why... Claire's whining for one thing got to be monotonous, no epilogue, and I wanted more. LOL
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