RUNAWAY GROOM                               SALLY CLEMENTS
Posted: Aug. 8, 2013

Runaway GroomSeven years ago, Matthew Logan ran out on his wedding to June Leigh.

Life is good for fledgling dress-designer April Leigh. She couldn’t be happier that her sister has found a new love, and is excited about her very first commission, June’s wedding dress.
When April discovers June has invited runaway groom Matthew Logan to the wedding, she has to intervene. Matthew’s presence will ruin everything – her father hates him, and just the sight of him in the church might give her mother a heart attack.

Matthew Logan has no intention of going to June’s wedding, but when intriguing April arrives on his doorstep, he can’t resist getting to know her better. When a disaster forces them together neither can deny the passion that combusts into a red-hot affair.

Discovering the truth about the past shifts April’s feelings from lust to love, but bitter experience has taught Matthew to guard his heart.

When it looks as though Matthew will lose her forever, will he fight or flee?


The Runaway Groom was much better than I thought it was going to be. I was not expecting some of the twist in it. Tess should by all accounts hate Matthew for running away from her sister and leaving her at the alter after she had her miscarriage. It just seems that her childhood crush, Matthew, still leaves that very teeny tiny corner that finds it hard. Now though here she is making her sister whom she loves yet feels she is spoiled at the same time’s wedding dress. When her sister reveals that she is inviting Matthew to her current wedding to the man she is now marrying. To show all the town that Matthew is a good guy and no hard feelings. Which Tess is kinda glad about but??? Her mother and father despises him for getting their daughter pregnant and then leaving her at the altar. April’s always known in her heart that there was more to her sister, June’s story she was hiding more than she was telling everyone. Yet, wow how and why it was a lot crueler then I thought. Matthew was such a prince to put up with it for so long. Then when April wants to talk him out of come to wedding for him to take a chance on April being the sister to June, just listen is amazing. There is a moment when they make an adult connect to one another that they feel that they have to know each other in order to make their own minds up before he decides to attend or not but she has to agree to get to know him first. They do and their lives change. Then there was this pivotal point in the story where I did find myself just hating Matthew for a little while. All the while April keeps her cool a lot more with all her family members and her man to the point where I would have gone off and or cried my eyes out. I know that their love was formed way before they even knew and they were just too young to name it. She saw it as a crush and he as a friendship, was mainly his little sisters. Life just has a way of getting in the way of our lives, emotions and good judgments’. This was a refreshing story of life, love, friendship, family, betrayal, loyalty, honesty and so much more. Join the journey this story takes you one and enjoy the story tell this author weaves. Provided by NetGalley.


LIFE OF THE PARTY                           KATE DAVIES
Posted:Aug. 8, 2013

Life of the Party (Girls Most Likely to..., #3)Book three of the Girls Most Likely to…

In high school, Tess Bonham was the ultimate party girl. So it's ironic that building a successful party planning business has resulted in all work and no play. But Tess loves her job—most of the time. Planning her own ten-year reunion weekend promises to be the highlight of her career, even if making it perfect for her former classmates means she won't actually have time to enjoy it herself.

Hotelier Jeremy Wright has wanted Tess for years, and he's tired of never fitting into her overbooked calendar. So when she's short-staffed, Jeremy jumps at the chance to help out with her reunion during the day—if Tess surrenders the nights to him. He's got plans for a private party, and she's the guest of honor…

Tess should say no. But she really, really wants to say yes. Spending time with Jeremy reminds her just how much fun life can be. But she's not sure she can be "just friends" once she knows how amazing the benefits are…


I would really give this a 3 1/2 to a 4 stars if I could.
Life of the Party was a cute storyline of friends that come together to form a committee to have a ten year reunion. If any of you have done any volunteering at all this can be a recipe for disaster because there is always those that do and those that say they will and never do and leave you holding the bag. This is exactly what happens to Tess everyone’s go to girl in high school the one voted, “Life of the Party.” Lucky for her since she grew up to be a Party Planner. She also worked and had an office in a well-known and locally owned hotel which would make her job a whole lot easier. The manager of said hotel, a younger sexy handsome as hell man, who she worked closely with was offering to work closely with her and willing to go above and beyond his normally offered hotel help. She was very pleased because she has had a mad crush on him for months. It was just Tess has never learned how to ask for help but Jeremy wasn’t waiting for her to ask. He was just jumping in and getting very, very close to the action and her as humanly possible to get her attention to get his point across. Finally after her not getting all his sexual innuendos he makes his move and she responds and it is one hot kiss to melt any piece of plastic in a fifty mile radios. From his their rendezvous (FANS LADIES FANS) start as well as his help. She can’t believe he would really want to be with her an older woman, less educated, and less experienced. So, she agrees to a friends with benefits and so does he with a hope to make her see that they could be more. Join their journey to a hot sexual ride as well an emotional under current of feelings from their pasts. Provided by NetGalley.


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