We Are So Pleased to Have Celia Bonaduce, Author of

The Merchant of Venice Beach & Comedy of Erinn

                                (out in Sept.)

Rad-Reader:  What made you decide to become a writer? How and when did you realize you wanted to do it?
Celia:  Both my parents were professional TV writers, so I never had a “light bulb” moment when I figured “hey, I should try writing. It always seemed like an option, and I wrote for several animated series a few year ago, but making the big leap to novelist is recent!
Rad-Reader:  Tell our readers about yourself… Is there anything personal, you the writer, would like to share with our readers that they would find interesting. Something no one knows about you? How about something personal?
Celia:  I’ve had a great professional life, but it has been filled with ups and downs. I started out in Children’s’ Programming and worked on Hey, Arnold and Chalkzone at Nickelodeon and then moved on to being a producer and director for various lifestyle shows at HGTV. I’m a pretty good seamstress and actually got my first job as a producer on an HGTV show called SIMPLY QUILTS more because I knew how to sew rather than I knew how to produce. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to try writing a novel, because I only wanted to produce lifestyle programming and not REALITY TV. I took a break from TV work (and TV work took a break from me) and wrote THE MERCHANT of VENICE BEACH and the follow-up A COMEDY OF ERINN. As soon as I was finished, I got an offer to work on ABC’s EXTREME MAKE-OVER: HOME EDITION – a show I adored and when that was cancelled, I moved right onto HGTV’s House Hunters, which is one of the longest running shows and fun shows on cable. It’s also a dream job – travel, people, and houses. What’s not to like? So, it appears for a while, I’ll be doing both producing and writing – and I couldn’t be happier!
Rad-Reader:  Where do you get your inspirations? How did you create the characters for your current book?
Celia:  Inspiration comes out of the blue – and is always a surprise. You can’t force it. My sister-in-law always regaled me with stories about her dance lessons. One Christmas, she said that her dance instructor had quit and hadn’t told her. She was so upset she went into therapy. I thought this was fascinating – and it led to THE MERCHANT OF VENICE BEACH
Rad-Reader:  I find that amazing since I as the reader saw that as the secondary part of the story not the first. Yet, that is what gave you your inspiration. We just never know. So, glad I asked.
Rad-Reader:  What genres do you like to write and which do you write the most of?
Celia:  While my publisher thinks of me as a “contemporary romance writer”, I think of myself as a humorist.
Rad-Reader:  I have to agree with you but the romance does hovers in the background.
Rad-Reader:  What about your characters? Are any of them real? You know based on real people you’ve known or at least some of their traits?
Celia:  I call my characters “blender people” – I take traits from several different REAL people to create my fictitious characters. I think it’s really helpful to have a solid base in reality to which you can refer. If you don’t think ANY of the people you are using to form a character would react the way you want to character to – you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.
Rad-Reader:  Out of your books do you have a favorite character? And why? If your book was to become of a movie who would you cast as your lead characters? Or was there an actor in mind as you wrote each character?
Celia:  I love my characters – the good guys and the bad guys. I think my favorite character is Erinn, the oldest Wolf sister and the heroine in book two of The Venice Beach Romance Series. She is just so – valiant, and yet would never describe herself that way. I don’t think of actors when I’m writing, but I think Janeane Garofalo would make a great Erinn and maybe Amy Adams as her sister Suzanna.
Rad-ReaderI can totally see Janeane Garofalo as Erinn she would be so perfect. As for Suzanna I had in my head someone like Marla Sokoloff both wear their hair in the red tones. LOL!
Rad-Reader:  How many books do you have out?
Celia:  I have one book on the market now – THE MERCHANT OF VENICE BEACH, but its part of a trilogy called THE VENICE BEACH ROMANCE SERIES. My second book, A COMEDY OF ERINN will be out in September – and whenever I finish MUCH ADO ABOUT MOTHER, that will wrap up the series.
Rad-Reader:  I cannot wait to get into Comedy of Erinn I just received my copy to review. I have to finish another book I am reading to review and then I am all over it. Erinn is so odd she's normal if that makes any sense, at least in my world. Should you all be afraid only my family knows for sure. I don't know why they are laughing while they are reading over my shoulder??? It's nice to know Mama will have a book of her own too, can't wait write fast.
Rad-Reader:  Any other genres you want to try that you are just too afraid to?
Celia:  I’m a pretty bold individual, so I wouldn’t say there is a genre I’m afraid to try, exactly. I would love to do an historical novel of some kind. I love the idea of spending a huge chunk of time researching a story. But that will probably have to wait until I don’t have a full time job!
Rad-Reader:  Do you have a day job that allows you to write and give you great insight into your writing?
Celia:  My day job as a lifestyle producer gives me insight into the human condition every day! The great news is, every person has a wonderful story to tell!
Rad-Reader:  What other projects aside from writing can you tell us about?
Celia:  When I went to write THE MERCHANT OF VENICE BEACH – about a woman who falls for her emotionally unavailable dance instructor, I realized I knew nothing about the culture of a dance studio. I started taking lessons and I got hooked. I would love to do a TV series about dance. It’s on my professional bucket list!
Rad-Reader:  What do you get to do during you down time for fun?
Celia:  My days on SIMPLY QUILTS left me with an absolute passion for sewing. I make quilts whenever I can (especially baby quilts) – I also use sewing as avoidance. I sew when I should be writing!
Rad-Reader:  Did you self-publish or go to a publisher? If so why? Was it hard and what would you recommend to up and coming writers on how to go about it?
Celia:  It took me two years to get an agent and another year to get a publisher, so I definitely took the long route. But it was important to me to go with an established publisher, Many of my friends have self-published, but they universally seemed to hit a wall with sales and had no back-up. When trying ANYTHING new, I think it’s important to find the experts!
My advice to up and coming writers (although I feel weird giving advice, since I consider myself to be “up and coming”) is to make sure you have a tough skin and don’t shrink from rejection. When someone turns down your book, your life is exactly the same as it was before you opened that envelope, or read that email. But when someone says “yes” – everything changes. It’s always worth the risk.
Rad-Reader:  Do you have any hopes and dreams for your future as a writer?
Celia:  My dream is that one day I can write faster, so I can write more! There are a million stories out there, and at my pace, I’ll be lucky if I can tell one a year!!!!
Would you like to say something to encourage our readers to read your books?
I feel my characters are quirky, charming. Relatable and vulnerable their own ways. They’re fun to hang out with and I don’t think you’ll be sorry you met them.
Rad-Reader:  Finally: How can we get in touch with you? Do you have a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Web page...?
Celia:  Yep! Got all that good stuff!
Twitter: @celiabonaduce
                                                        Instagram: Yocelia
                                       THANK YOU

No, Thank You so very much for being our very first interview.  It has been our great pleasure.          Continued Success and I can't wait to finish
                 Comedy of Erinn :)
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THUNDERSTRUCK                               KENDALL GRACE
Posted: Aug. 16, 2013

ThunderStruck by Kendall GraceDesperate to distance herself from her previous life, and her high-powered ex, Jo Montgomery moves to a tiny slice of Georgia, an impetuous decision if there ever was one. Though not nearly as impetuous as throwing herself into an intimate relationship with her new neighbor. Hawk Stephens, a horse breeder and local celebrity, is sex personified, a man built for dark deeds in dark places. But he wants far more from Jo.

Every instinct tells Silent Hawk that Jo is The One, and despite her obvious uncertainty, his Apache beliefs give him faith. The signs are unmistakable. His skittish little filly requires a strong hand, patience…and blazing, mind-bending sex that leaves no doubt to his feelings and intentions.

But before their love affair has barely begun, the reemergence of Jo’s ex, coupled with a potentially tragic event, forces Jo to make decisions that not only damage Hawk’s beliefs, but could also shatter their tender romance beyond repair.

A Romantica® western erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Hawk was a horse breeder in Georgia basically a horse whisper. Jo (Josephine) was the ex-wife of the senator of Arizona. After 12 years of being for the most part being neglected and her ex cheating on her she decided to divorce him quietly. She then packed up after and bought a dilapidated old house next to Silent Hawk and his father Ray that owned a cotton farm and horse stables. Hawk’s dad is so funny and really helps move this story along and his mom Raven brings to it this quiet happy peace of what you would expect from the Indian culture. Hawk became rich after being poor by making a spirit and wild horse tamed and redeemable. He was able to stud him out after someone saw how fast he was and that horse went to the Derby and won. Hawk is part Apache and was taught his Indian way from his mother and when he went on a Quest to the mountain to find himself after doing a lot of womanizing. He was told by the (spirits, gods…) that he would meet a special woman and he would know it would be his fate. Hence Jo and the story begins. You will not be disappointed with this story the way this author spins this tale brings in a lot of Indian lore as well of good old fashion love and some nice small amount of erotica. So, yes this story as a little bit of everything. Provide by

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