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Issy's Infatuation

Posted: Sept. 2, 2013

Issy's Infatuation Shelley Munro Issy Deans has a secret-she's always lusted after Tyler Jameson. Call it an unfortunate infatuation with her brothers' best friend. A surprise meeting at rugby training brings a provocative proposition. One month of hot sex then they'll both walk away. Issy isn't a fool. She says yes. Let the month begin. Each touch sizzles. It's pure magic between them. Passionate. Intense and even better than she imagined. Issy is riding high on Tyler and her hot prospects as a representative rugby player until reality steps in with a forward pass.


Issy’s Infatuation was an enjoyable tale of two old friends that meet up after years apart.Well actually it is her older brother’s friend that she had a mad crush on to the point that she would stutter every time she tried to speak to him.Tyler comes back to town home to be a coach after playing Rugby in Japan. But it’s almost the end…