Posted: Sept. 19, 2013

This is a story of a young man experiencing life on life’s terms. He experiences the highs and lows of Alcoholism. What begins as all fun and games turns for the worse. Here is a man who starts out with an immortal ego of youth and promise, then begins his descent into the dark underworld, where the demented homeless are his best friends. With already having a heart attack at 32, and unable to hold a job, will he climb back up to the safety of society, or will life close the door?


This book had many moments of sadness and times of being happy. If you have had any type of addiction you can relate to this mans story. Though every one has a different bottom some people just need to be down more than others. At times this book was hard to read because it was just sad. It keeps you going because you want to find out what happens at the end. So even though I liked this book be aware of some strong context. An amazing story.


THE QUEST                                                  NELSON DeMILLE
Posted: Sept. 19, 2013

17693783A sweeping adventure that's equal parts thriller and love story, Nelson DeMille's newest novel takes the reader from the war torn jungles of Ethiopia to the magical city of Rome.

While the Ethiopian Civil War rages, a Catholic priest languishes in prison. Forty years have passed since he last saw daylight. His crime? Claiming to know the true location of Christ's cup from the Last Supper. Then the miraculous happens - a mortar strikes the prison and he is free!

Old, frail, and injured, he escapes to the jungle, where he encounters two Western journalists and a beautiful freelance photographer taking refuge from the carnage. As they tend to his wounds, he relates his incredible story.

Motivated by the sensational tale and their desire to find the location of the holiest of relics, the trio agrees to search for the Grail.

Thus begins an impossible quest that will pit them against murderous tribes, deadly assassins, fanatical monks, and the passions of their own hearts.

THE QUEST is suspenseful, romantic, and filled with heart-pounding action. Nelson DeMille is at the top of his game as he masterfully interprets one of history's greatest mysteries.


A great story with romance, war and looking for a treasure. While a country is in turmoil. Three journalists come across a dying priest who has been held captive for almost 40 years. He tells them a story, a story that at first they don't want to believe. Over the course of the next year these three plus one come together. They decide to see if there are any clues and then go back to where they found the priest to look for the treasure. This story was a real page turner for me. I was able to read this in one day. That is how good this story is. Mr.DeMille does a good job with the characters and also with the ending. He makes it so it is believable, it makes sense. If you have read any of his other books you will not be disappointed with this one. I got this book off of Net Galley.

UNTIL YOU LOVED ME (Silver Springs #3)

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