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A Teaser from: “THE WAGER”Picking out an excerpt is like trying to pick out the best pair of jeans. A sales lady hands you like thirty pairs and then you’re left alone in a dressing room, with no CLUE which pair to try on first. Sure, they all look awesome. There’s the pair in the corner with the embellishments on the back pocket, and the boyfriend slouchy pair in the corner, BUT where do you even begin?That’s how I feel about excerpts. There are SOOOO many pieces of the story that I want to share but I can only pick one! AGH! That’s like picking my favorite wine or my favorite movie or book even! Okay, so I’m done ranting…I’m going to share one of my favorite scenes…During the editing process, this scene actually made me laugh out loud. It’s special, close to my heart, and I ended up walking away from my computer still smiling. I lovveeeee this story and I’m so thank…