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M. Malone Interview Today Oct. 10/18/13

1 Rad-Reader ReviewsIs proud to have M. Malone

Rad-Reader:Where did you grow up and did it influence you’re writing at all?I’m originally from the Tidewater area in Virginia. Due to that I love the beach and decided to create my own seaside town to use in my stories. That’s where my fictional town of New Haven, Virginia came from.Rad-Reader:What are the first 3 words you think of when you think of your newest book?Intense, sexy, redemption
Rad-Reader:How did you dream up the Alexander family?What would your newest lead characters like about themselves?The Alexanders seriesis about a multi-racial family that lives in southern Virginia. It was important to me to write about a diverse cast of characters since Virginia is so diverse. I really wanted to write a romance series that reflects the reality I know. My newest hero, Matt Simmons, appreciates strength of character. He’s having a rough time adjusting to civilian life after his time in the Army but he has the determination to get throu…