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Veronica Blade Interview Tomorrow 10/25/13 (Today excerpt LONE WOLF)

Veronica  blade
Here tomorrowFriday 10/25/13
7:00 pm  pst
Here’s an excerpt from
Lone wolf

Lone Wolf                      By Veronica Blade The Beginning My limbs trembled with the urge to free myself from the suffocating walls of my bedroom. Just a few minutes outdoors. That’s all I needed.
The window groaned as I lifted it. I paused to tune in to the next room, but my mom’s steady breathing told me I hadn’t disturbed her. I made the opening wider and slipped out, dropping two stories to the ground.
What would my mom say if she knew I’d developed superhuman hearing and strength over the last couple weeks? Would she think something was terribly wrong with me? Worrying could make her sicker. No, I wouldn’t tell her. Not until she was better.
If she got better.
I had turned sixteen a few weeks ago, but California law didn’t allow me to drive alone for another year. Even if I could, my mom would never give me her blessing to take the car out past curfew, much less venture into a deserted p…