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      Nightmare In               Aurora

William Pfirrman

Rad-Reader: How difficult was it writing about what happened?
William: It was extremely difficult because some of the things I disclose in the book I have never told anyone before now. I have held them inside me, ashamed of some of the decisions I feel I was forced to make in an effort to salvage some type of normal life without the stigma of being an ex-con or a person dishonorably discharged from the military. This was extremely important to me for 2 reasons, one the Vietnam war was still going, though winding down at this stage and second, I had an exemplary military record up to that time and I didn't feel it would be fair for it to be destroyed as a result of something I was innocent of doing.
Rad-Reader: What is your relationship if any to the main characters in the story or were they strictly fact based on an event?
William: I am Charley in the book. Tom's name was actually Tom, I changed his last name and he WAS a f…