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Hey There Delilah Interview With Excerpt Today

Are any of the situations or characters based on your life or events in your life?Andria: Definitely. I think every author pulls things from their life and puts them into their characters. You almost have to, to make them real. MD: Oh, yeah!There is no way around it.You have to write what you know. Spend some time with Andria and me, and you will think you are listening to Delilah and Charlie. Are there any sexual topics that you won't write about?Andria & MD:Bestiality, incest, and sex with anyone under 18.Those are definitely off the table. Have you read another author’s book and wondered why didn't I come up with that?Andria: All the time!MD: For sure. We all have our own brand of crazy. Andria: Ain’t that the truth!What are you reading right now? Andria: Nothing at the moment, been too focused on writing. Once I start on a book, if it’s good and I can’t put it down, then the writing doesn’t get done!MD:I read about a book every other day or so, so any answer I give her…