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Incidental Contact

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Incidental Contactby Eden Connor


What if a random kiss with the wrong woman feels like more than incidental contact? What if you sense every mistake brought you to this place, with this person? What if you know you'll have to clean up your bad-boy past and can't offer her much of a future, but you're determined to win her heart? What if you're also having...performance issues? Welcome to Eric De Marco's world. First person to say 'go hard or go home' gets his ass kicked.


(After agreeing to allow the town playboy to teach her to feel sexy, Amy Sizemore is surprised when Eric De Marco carries her though a snowy night to the geothermal pool in his back yard for their fist encounter.)She shrieked when they sank nearly a foot. Her knees came to rest on a shelf so low, now the water lapped around his neck. Her choices were to push upright, or go under.She pushed up, but the ledge was…