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     We would like to take the time to thank all of our wonderfully devoted readers who keep coming back to see what we have to offer.  We would also like to thank all the authors that we have been blessed to have interviews with and have become a part of 1 Rad Reader Reviews Family.

     We are hoping to take the blog in a couple of new directions in 2014.  Our daughter being a brand new 13 year old keeps balking that with all her school work, sitting down to write a review is not appealing.  Not to mention she says that all her friends that although they may be interested in the books she is reading would not take the time to read the reviews.  Which we get it, that instant gratification and a whole lot of school work.  We told her that during the school year her idea flies for now but summer it may change.  So, in 2014 it looks like my daughter Dez will be doing her reviews via “YouTube”.  From there we will just add the link to our blog.  We will want your feedback so please let us know.

     Also, we would like to have a more interactive blog site where we can get you all more involved with discussions on books that we have read and what you thought after you have read them, or a topic of the day, genres, or what authors you would like to see us try to get for interviews, etc…

     Once again Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for following us.  Please tell your friends about us and also we are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & Instagram (still learning this one.)  Thank goodness for my teen or I would be up a creek.

God’s many blessings to each and every one of you in 2014,

Char, Pat & Dez

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A Touch of Midnight by Lara AdrianA Touch of Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novella

 (Midnight Breed Vampire Romance)
 4 ½ stars   128 pages  

Heart of the Hunter  (Drago...
4 stars   408 pages


White Lion's Lady by Tina St. John                                     White Lion's Lady
                                      (Warrior Trilogy)

  Historical Romance
Lara Adrian
4 ½    472 pages

Military/Coming of Age
5 stars    124 pages

One Perfect Night by Bella AndreOne Perfect Night   Romance/Anthology

Bella Andre

4 stars    59 pages

Second Chance Cowboy by Rhonda Lee Carver
                                               Second Chance Cowboy

Rhonda Lee Carver
                                               4 ½ stars    145 pages
Play Hard by V.K. Sykes


4 ½ stars    550 pages    3 books

First Night and Ever Afters by Lauren Blakely
First Night and Ever After
Lauren Blakely   Romance
4 ½ stars   65 pages

To Turn Full Circle by Linda MitchelmoreTo Turn Full Circle (Choc Lit)   Historical 1909
4 1/2 stars 336 pages


Black Gold by Ruby Laska

Black Gold

(The Boomtown Boys)   Romance

Ruby Laska 

5 stars   246 pages

Lila and Ethan by Jessica Sorensen
Lila and Ethan: Forever and Always
Jessica Sorensen
Women’s Fiction
4 ½ stars   87 pages



Remember Love by Jessica Nelson

Remember Love
(The Women of Manatee Bay)
Jessica Nelson
5 stars   254 pages
Silence (Silence, #1)
Silence (Silence Book #1)
Natasha Preston
YA/Contemporary Fiction
4 ½ stars   219 pages

Broken Silence by Natasha Preston
Broken Silence (Silence Book #2)
Natasha Preston
YA/Contemporary Fiction
4 ½ stars   251 pages
Home to Walnut Ridge by Diane Moody
Home to Walnut Ridge 
(The Teacup Novellas- Book #3)
Diane Mood
4 ½ stars   177 pages
At Legend's End by Diane Moody
The Legend’s End
(The Teacup Novells-Book#4)
Diane Moody
5 stars    192 pages



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