Curvy Women: What Makes A Woman Sexy

What Makes a Woman SEXY?

For us I thought it would be good to apply it to women with curves and see if you all agree or at least the men.  Women don’t despair we will do the same for the guys.

So you know these will not be exact quotes.

Now this was taken from a poll I guess and I got it from:

The Male Room

1.  Nice Nails:  Mainly so when being touched they look.  Doesn’t mean they have to manicure them, some do like to see the long shiny nails for those caresses.

Male, 35

2.  His shirt:  When a woman (i.e.: his woman) wears a piece of his clothing.

Male, 33

3.  A knowing smile:  Drawn to a smile that is suggestive of something.  Not sex or lust, necessarily.  A sense of adventure and imagination.  Has to go along with a great laugh with a willingness to be silly.

Male, 31

4.  Something Racy:  Black Lingerie.  The black is naughty but lace is nice, and the combination is always a winner.

Male, 44

5.  A seductive gaze:  Loves beautiful, flirtatious eyes, then the slight-look-away maneuver.  Dares you to approach.
“My wife has it, and it drew me in from the beginning.”

Male, 31

6.  Anything off-the-shoulder:  The curves of a woman’s shoulders.  Casual but still sexy.  Slouchy shirt with jeans is great.

Male, 39

7.  Some Cleavage:  Don’t have to see anything just the suggestion of what is underneath.  I am a male after all.

Male, 35

8.  Bedhead Hair:  Nothing more beautiful than a woman caught when she’s still kind of asleep, her hair face shrouded by her hair, before she’s really aware that you’re looking at her.

Male, 25

9.  Subtle Makeup:  Sexy when a woman has on a little makeup.  Not overdone.

Male, 31

10.  High Heels:  Leg man, so stiletto heels are the ultimate sexy on a woman.

Male, 38

So, what do you think?  Does this sound about right?  Are these the things you find sexy in a woman or can it be deeper or just this simple? 

Now ladies what about you?  We need to see what you think.  So, are you ready to give us what you think?

What makes a man sexy?

Please leave your age.

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