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1.)  Duke was upset by Wake Forest.  So really I think there is no clear-cut favorite in College basketball to win the championship.  Should be exciting when the tournament starts.

2.)  On March 3 Lebron James Scored 61 points the most he has scored in a Pro Game and the most of any player for the Miami Heat also shooting 60%.

3.)  This week on NFL network they started showing Dynasty week beginning with my favorite team The Packers.  They started with the Lombardi years and then Favre to the last Super Bowl in 2010.  It got me to thinking just how many quarterbacks there were for the Packers from when Bart Starr retired to the fifth game of 1992 when Favre made the first start.  By the way, it is (26) can you believe it?  Game 4 of 92 seasons he came in against the Bengals when Majkowski got hurt and Green Bay trailing by 13 points he threw two fourth-quarter touchdowns, the last with less than 1 minute left to who?  Kitrick Taylor

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  1. well tonight the Spurs are beating the Heat 91 to 79 in the 4th quarter.

  2. going back to Green Bay, from Favre to Rodgers the Packers are lucky to have both of those QB"s. considering other teams have gone through so many.

  3. Baseball season will be starting in a few weeks for real. should be interesting to see who wins this year. and if there will be any rookie surprises.

  4. the Spurs beat the Heat tonight and the Pacers have been on a losing streak, so the N.B.A. season fighting for playoff seeding and home court advantage will be a close fight to the end of the season. good night until next week.


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