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Posted: Jan. 7, 2014

A magical, richly woven World War II– era saga filled with passion, secrets, beauty, and horror from internationally acclaimed bestselling author Belinda Alexandra.

FLORENCE, 1914. A mysterious stranger known as The Wolf leaves an infant with the sisters of Santo Spirito. A tiny silver key hidden in her wrappings is the one clue to the child’s identity. . . . FIFTEEN YEARS LATER, young Rosa must leave the nuns, her only family, and become governess to the daughter of an aristocrat and his strange, frightening wife. Their house is elegant but cursed, and Rosa—blessed with gifts beyond her considerable musical talents—is torn between her desire to know the truth and her fear of its repercussions. All the while, the hand of Fascism curls around beautiful Italy, and no citizen is safe. Rosa faces unimaginable hardship: her only weapons her intelligence, intuition, and determination . . . and her extra…


Posted:  Jan. 7, 2014

Do to the author not having a synopsis out anywhere this is what we have to use to tell you what the story is about.

The fact-based TV movie The Ambush Murders was adapted from a book by Ben Bradlee Jr. Dorian Harewood plays an African-American political activist who is loyal to his ideals and faithful to his friends and family. After two white policemen are killed, Harewood is charge with the crime. 49 months and two mistrials later, Harewood remains in prison. When lawyer James Brolin offers his services, Harewood doesn't trust him any more than any of the other self-serving white attorneys who've "helped" him in the past. But Brolin digs a little deeper than his predecessors, uncovering facts and evidence that may at long last spring his client. Ambush Murders was first telecast January 5, 1982. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


This is a true crime story from 1971 in Riverside CA. I came across this b…

Curvy Women: What Makes A Woman Sexy

What Makes a Woman SEXY?
For us I thought it would be good to apply it to women with curves and see if you all agree or at least the men.Women don’t despair we will do the same for the guys.
So you know these will not be exact quotes.

Now this was taken from a poll I guess and I got it from:
The Male Room

1.Nice Nails:Mainly so when being touched they look.Doesn’t mean they have to manicure them, some do like to see the long shiny nails for those caresses.
Male, 35

2.His shirt:When a woman (i.e.: his woman) wears a piece of his clothing.
Male, 33

3.A knowing smile:Drawn to a smile that is suggestive of something.Not sex or lust, necessarily.A sense of adventure and imagination.Has to go along with a great laugh with a willingness to be silly.
Male, 31

4.Something Racy:Black Lingerie.The black is naughty but lace is nice, and the combination is always a winner.
Male, 44

5.A seductive gaze:Loves beautiful, flirtatious eyes, then the slight-look-away maneuver.Dares you to approach.“My wife has i…


Posted:  Jan. 7, 2014

Talk about kicking a fighter while he’s down.

Former Middleweight champion and confirmed bachelor Tommy "Lightning" Sparks has lost it all: his belt, his career, and now his home. After the devastating fire, he moves in with his drama-free best friend, Julie. One encounter changes everything and Julie is no longer the girl he’s spent his life protecting but a desirable woman he wants to take to his bed. Knowing his reputation, he’s determined to protect Julie more than ever—from himself.

Veterinarian Julie Rogers has been in love with Tommy since she was ten, but would love to get over the man. She’s quiet nights at home and a glass of wine. He’s clubbing all night and shots of tequila. As friends they work great. As a couple? No way in hell. She just can’t get her heart to agree. When she starts spending time with another fighter, the man who’s always treated her like a sister is suddenly not being very brotherly and enflames her b…