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Cash Hardeman thought he'd have all the time in the world to find the right woman...until he discovered that his gold digging step-grandmother will inherit the family ranch if he's not married by his 30th birthday. With the deadline just around the corner and no prospects in sight, Cash knows it's only a matter of time before he loses everything. But when Boston beauty Annelise blows into his life, Cash can't help but wonder if she's what he's been looking for all along.  Giving her bodyguards and the paparazzi the slip, heiress Annelise Montjoy has come to Maverick Junction on a life-or-death mission. But living incognito in the small Texas town is nothing like she expected, and she's finding it difficult to keep her identity a secret--especially with a rough and tumble cowboy like Cash tempting her. It's not long before Annelise starts to wonder if she's finally found the man who can love her for herself rather than her money. But will Annelise's secrets catch up with her before she and Cash can ride off into the Texas sunset?


THE HUNTER                                          DASHIELL HAMMETT
Posted:  Feb. 12, 2014

The Hunter and Other Stories by Dashiell Hammett  THE HUNTER AND OTHER STORIES is a unique literary publication from one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, Dashiell Hammett. This volume includes both new Hammett stories gleaned from his personal archives along with screen treatments long buried in film-industry files. The best of Dashiell Hammett's unfamiliar treasures have been rescued from deep in these archives: screen stories, unpublished and rarely published fiction, and intriguing unfinished narratives. Hammett is regarded as both a pioneer and master of hard-boiled detective fiction, but these dozen and half stories that explore failed romance, courage in the face of conflict, hypocrisy, and crass opportunism, show him in a different light. The collection also includes two full-length screen treatments. "On the Make" is the basis for the rarely seen 1935 film Mr. Dynamite, starring a corrupt detective who never misses an opportunity to take advantage of his clients rather than help them. "The Kiss-Off" is the basis for City Streets (1931), with Sylvia Sydney and Gary Cooper caught in a romance complicated by racketeering's obligations and temptations. Like the screen stories fromRETURN OF THE THIN MAN, they read as novellas-rich in both story and character.

Publication of these new volumes is due to the passion of Julie M. Rivett, Hammett's granddaughter and a well-regarded Hammett scholar, as well as Richard Layman, the author of the first full-length biography of Hammett, Shadow Man, the definitive bibliography, and other works. Rivett and Layman are trustees for Hammett's literary estate and have co-edited two previous Hammett volumes-Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett and Dashiell Hammett: A Daughter Remembers. THE HUNTER AND OTHER STORIES will appeal to longtime Hammett fans, and introduce a new generation to one of the most influential voices in American fiction.



BADLUCK WAY                                        BRYCE ANDREWS
Posted:  Feb. 12, 2014

Badluck Way by Bryce Andrews  “Mine might have been a simple, pretty story, if not for the wolves. In late July, they emerged from the foothills . . .”

In this gripping memoir of a young man, a wolf, their parallel lives and ultimate collision, Bryce Andrews describes life on the remote, windswept Sun Ranch in southwest Montana. The Sun’s twenty thousand acres of rangeland occupy a still-wild corner of southwest Montana—a high valley surrounded by mountain ranges and steep creeks with portentous names like Grizzly, Dead Man, and Bad Luck. Just over the border from Yellowstone National Park, the Sun holds giant herds of cattle and elk amid many predators—bears, mountain lions, and wolves. In lyrical, haunting language, Andrews recounts marathon days and nights of building fences, riding, roping, and otherwise learning the hard business of caring for cattle, an initiation that changes him from an idealistic city kid into a skilled ranch hand. But when wolves suddenly begin killing the ranch’s cattle, Andrews has to shoulder a rifle, chase the pack, and do what he’d hoped he would never have to do. 

Badluck Way is about transformation and complications, about living with dirty hands every day. It is about the hard choices that wake us at night and take a lifetime to reconcile. Above all, Badluck Way celebrates the breathtaking beauty of wilderness and the satisfaction of hard work on some of the harshest, most beautiful land in the world. Called “an important meditation on what it means to share space and breathe the same air as truly wild animals” (Tom Groneberg, author of The Secret Life of Cowboys), Badluck Way is the memorable story of one young man’s rebirth in the crucible of the West’s timeless landscape, a place at the center of the heart’s geography, savage and gorgeous in equal measure.

This is a story about a young’s man time working an actual ranch in Montana through a school grant that kept the ranch open. Bryce Andrews gets the job on the ranch doing odd jobs, and big jobs. Fixing fences, branding cattle, keeping the cattle safe from wolfs. Yes this is also part of the story since the ranch backs up to Yellowstone, wolfs have been put back into the wild. Not being able to kill the wolfs causes some of the ranchers problems when he is in town listening to their stories. Bryce those feels that the wolfs belong to the space that is there and after he sees a wolf and they look at each other he almost feels connected somehow. A very interesting story that when it got to the end as was left wanting for more. It was like the story for me was not finished maybe other people will get a different take on it, but that is how I saw it. I got this book from net galley.


MOTORCYCLE MAN                                KRISTEN ASHLEY
Posted:  Feb. 12, 2014

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)  FIRST TIME IN PRINT!

Get ready to ride . . .
Tyra Masters has had enough drama to last a lifetime. Now, she's back on track and looking forward to her new, quiet life. Until she meets the man of her dreams. The tattooed, muscled biker plies her with tequila-and the best sex of her life. She knows it isn't the tequila and hot sex talking. He's the kind of man she's always wanted. Unfortunately, he's also her new boss . . . 

Kane "Tack" Allen has a rule. He doesn't employ someone he's slept with. So when he learns he spent last night in bed with his new office manager, he quickly fires Tyra. Yet when Tyra stands up to him and fights for her job, Tack is intrigued. He tells her she can keep her job on one condition: no more sex. Ever. But as things heat up between them, Tack finds that he'll be the one breaking all the rules...


In this story a woman Tyra Masters is happy that she thought she finally found a man of her dreams. The problem is the way he treated her after their night together she was never been treated that way before. Now as she is standing in the parking lot for her new job she not hears his voice but sees him. He being Kane “Tack” Allen. He tells her he not so many words to leave she says no and by the time the girl whose job she is taking over for shows up. He tells her fine she can stay and get to work. This starts a wild ride for in many ways. Now she is working for chaos motorcycle club you use to be doing illegal things but now has gone legit. You would not know it by the way they look but by them going straight has actually pissed off some people. Those people decide to kidnap Tyra and some of the old ways come back real easy. But it is done to get her out of harm’s way. A very exciting story with a lot of good characters and different stories inside the one big story. Well written and just too much action going on to explain. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.


LAW MAN                                                    KRISTEN ASHLEY
Posted:  Feb. 12, 2014

Law Man by Kristen Ashley  Four years ago, Mitch Lawson moved across the breezeway from Mara Hanover and she fell in love with the tall, good-looking police detective who had an uncanny ability to dress well even though he’s single. It was not a stalker kind of love; she knows she has no hope since Mitch is way out of her league. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s her dream man.

Then one day Mara’s faucet won’t turn off and she knows nothing about plumbing. Being a good guy, Mitch offers to help then he invites himself over for pizza. Mara gives it a go but finds herself running away from him (literally) on their first date, standing him up their second and then she runs into him (again literally) on her way to save her ne’er do well, criminal cousin’s kids who’d just run away from their ne’er do well, criminal Dad.

Suddenly, Mara finds she has on her hands the guardianship of two kids and a gorgeous police detective who’s willing to do anything to help out… including giving fabulous foot rubs.

But Mara knows who she is and where she came from and she knows Detective Mitch Lawson is better than her. Hot law man Mitch disagrees and his challenge is to convince Mara to let go of her past and he sets about building a family at the same time he finds he also needs to protect them all against known and unknown adversaries that would tear them apart.

This is a story that starts off with a lady by the name of Mara going to a neighbor to see if her husband is home to help her with a leaky faucet. When she finds out he is not another neighbor by the name of Mitch Lawson over hears and says he can help hear. She has been wanting to meet him for the last four years and she does not know he was looking for a way also to meet. Even though both knew some things about each other already from the people around them in the apartments. She does not have very much self-esteem and so she feels like a fool around him. When she promises to make dinner the next night and goes over to find that another female is over there she feels embarrassed and takes off for the next two nights. Still trying to avoid him she is finally cornered after a phone call from her two little second cousins who call when their father does not feed them. Trying to leave she is cornered and Mitch ends up giving her a ride explaining on the way about her cousin and his problems. After picking up the kids and talking to them he tells her he wants to help her with the kids. Then when they go to their house to get cloths and other items he sees drugs and other stuff around he calls in and they arrest he cousin. She takes the kids but after a couple of days she does not want any help from him. Then her apartment is totally destroyed by the Russian mob and they go live with Mitch. From there he helps her with not only the kids but also with her self-confidence and showing her how beautiful a person she really is. She also tells him of her past and he helps her overcome those obstacles as well. This is an exciting book with a lot of action and more of her family members show up to try to cause problems that does not work out for them. A good story. I got this book from net galley.


KALEIDOSCOPE                                       KRISTEN ASHLEY
Posted:  Feb. 12, 2014

Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley  When old friends become new lovers...anything can happen.

Sexy, gifted, and loyal, PI Jacob Decker is a tall, cool drink of perfection who had Emmanuelle Holmes at "hello." His relationship with Emme's best friend kept them apart for years, but things have changed. Now that a case has brought him to Gnaw Bone, Colorado, the road is wide open for Emme and Deck to explore something hotter and deeper than Emme dreamed possible. So why is she sabotaging the best thing that's ever happened to her? 

It isn't easy to catch Deck off guard, but Emme does just that when she walks back into his life after nine long years. The curvy brunette had her charms back in the day, but now she's a bona fide knockout . . . and she wants to rekindle their friendship. Deck, however, wants more. Emme's always been the one; she excites Deck's body and mind like no other woman can. But a dark chapter from Emme's past overshadows their future together. Now only Deck can help her turn the page-if she'll let him . . .

In this story two friends meet after 8 years and find out that they both had feelings for each other while he was dating then marring her best friend. Jacob Decker owns a private investigative service, actually partner and is back in town because of a string of burglaries that the leaders are using some high school students. One of the students commented suicide and now the chief of police is calling in for all the help he can get. Jacob runs into Emmauelle Holmes surprised to see her he is now wanting to start a relationship with her. His friends are telling him to slow down and she likewise wants to takes it slow as well. He on the other hand wants to rush everything and in a way force her into a relationship and to do things to her home at a faster pace than she wants to do them. Every time she questions some of his suggestions he somehow turns it around to make her feel like it is her problem all along. I get that the character is an alpha male and so he feels he needs to fix everything and when you get to a point in the story she has a nervous breakdown by him getting her to deal with something that was traumatic as a child. But before that when she found out that he was having her followed, I think most women regardless especially not being married or engaged would have felt very threatened by his actions. I know as a father I would. There were parts of this story I really liked but other parts felt like he just used his powers and friendship to by. She makes it work at the end but as a father I would be very watchful. They do find who was doing the break INS and the title of the book is explained. I really liked the ending that part was very romantic and brought the story to a good finish. I got this book from net galley.


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