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Interview Today with Lynnette Austin Author of "Can't Stop Lovin' You"

Can you believe it?Lynnette AustinShe’s here!!!

Rad-Reader:  Why did Brawley really break up with her in the first place? 

Lynnette:  Brawley’s reasoning is really three-fold. First, he was nineteen years young. Second, when he hit college, a whole new world opened to him. Having been raised in a small, small town, he found the opportunities nearly overwhelming. His biggest reason, though? Concern for Maggie. She wanted to be a fashion designer. She wanted to attend school for this. He believed she’d give up her dream to be with him, and he didn’t want her doing that.
Rad-Reader:  Why did Brawley stay away so long before he came back to get her after college?  He told her not to wait, then he is gone so long before come back for her…

Lynnette:  Again, there were several reasons, really. He simply got caught up in the day to day life he was living. Like so many, he knew he wasn’t happy. But it takes a lot to actually do something about our situation. Doc Gibson was Maverick Junction’s vet …