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Curvy Women:Be the Best Curvy Woman You Can Be!

Be the Best CurvyWomanYou can be!"Men prefer women with 10-15 lbs more weight than women think we want.Toned is ideal, not “skinny”.Strive to be the “you” with the healthiest, fittest body possible. Not the “skinniest”.Don’t be afraid of weight. Having some muscle is good, but weighs more.Forget waist-size, learn about body-ratios.Your attitude and confidence go a long way in making you attractive.If you want other people to love the way you look, you need to make sure you love the way you look first."- eric charlesWhen I came across this article on curvy women and saw this statement from Mr. Charles I just thought it was the closes to the way I believe.  I don’t think there are many women that get up in the morning and say, “Honey now that I am married (given birth or not, married or not) I am going to get fat, unhealthy, and be a slug.  Okay?”I do truly feel that Mr. Charles is talking the truth when he says that we have to have the attitude to make ourselves feel attracti…