ALL I NEED IS YOU                                 M. MALONE
Posted:  March 24, 1014

All I Need is You by M. Malone  ALL I NEED IS YOU is the fourth book in M. Malone's USA TODAYbestselling contemporary romance series: The Alexanders.

He'll do whatever it takes to protect her. What he won't do...
is fall in love...

Kaylee Wilhelm is tired of always being a good, respectful Southern belle. So when the man she loves leaves town after their steamy kiss, she's done. As a single mother with a demanding singing career, she has no time for pining after her former bodyguard.

Years ago Elliott Alexander disappeared for a year and then came back irrevocably changed. With the FBI still watching, he can't afford distractions. Especially not sweet kisses from the only woman who gets under his skin.

When she's targeted by a stalker who seems to know her every move, Eli is the only one who can protect her. He'll have to stop running from his past and face his demons.

And maybe, just maybe, find his way back home again.

WARNING: This book contains best friends with attitude, blind dates, the reckless use of explosives and a hero that gives new meaning to the term "in the closet". Did I mention this is a really sexy book? Just saying...


Book 0.5 - Teasing Trent - the prequel
Book 1 - One More Day ~ Jackson & Ridley
Book 2 - The Things I Do for You ~ Nick & Raina
Book 3 - He's the Man ~ Matt & Penny
Book 3.5 - Christmas with The Alexanders
Book 4 - All I Need is You ~ Elliott & Kaylee
Book 5 - Say You Will ~ Trent & Mara (08/14)
Book 6 - Just One Thing ~ Bennett & Katie (11/14)

     Okay, Ms. Malone hit it out of the ball park with this one for me.  So far away for the others in the interesting storyline for me it felt like I was meeting these characters in a way for the first time.  Yet, Elliott Alexander was truly still his Alpha Male self and Kaylee Wilhelm was still the sweet and innocent girl.
     Elliot is such an intense character by himself and then you add his trying to be noble and to keep his distance from this very young (compared to himself) Kaylee.  His dark past makes him fearful of a future without fear of harming her. 
     Yet, although Kaylee may not have been exposed to all the dark sides of life that Eli has being a security specialist she is an old soul.  She is a young unwed mother of, Hope a soon to be two year old.  She basically works two jobs, one working for Eli’s brother Jackson, and a record producer.  As well as singeing, writing, and recording music for her new solo album coming out soon.
     Eli had been hired by Jackson to protect Haylee from a stalker which they thought they caught last summer.  In the midst of her touring with the group she used to be with.  That’s when they both became enamored with each other.  When the group broke up and she went solo he still was around and Haylee and Hope became more a part of the Alexander family as a whole on the next Christmas there was a big storm in which they were all snowed in at the Senior Alexander’s home this is where Eli showed his first emotions ever to Haylee by kissing her like a man kisses a woman.  The attraction could be harnessed no more.  But at the first chance he got he turned tail and ran. 
     He made his escape from his parents’ home after the storm leaving Kaylee to deal with her unhappy feelings and less-than feelings.  Kaylee knew it was time to stop wishing for more from her Alpha Male.  At the same time Eli knew he could no longer out run his feelings like he could no longer out run his past.  The FBI had made contact with him again. 
When would it ever be over?  At least last summer they had caught Haylee’s stalker.  Or did they?  A package arrives at his headquarters that tells him otherwise.
     Now her brick wall is his brick wall as they are thrown into hiding together.  Talking is all there is to do right?  Maybe??? J
     This has suspense, mystery, romance, comedy, heart and most of love with a HEA.  I give this 5 stars.
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THE OPPOSITE OF WILD                          KYLIE GILMORE
Posted:  March 24, 2014

The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore  Unleash the wild woman…? 

Ex-cop Ryan O'Hare takes one look at buttoned-up control freak Liz Garner and just itches to loosen the woman up. Not that he’s into her. Because a woman like that comes with way too many expectations. Not to mention, she practically works for him, and he didn’t hire Liz to watch after his beloved Harley-stealing Gran so he could turn Liz loose in his bed. Still, there’s something about her, a hidden wild side, that makes him wonder what it would take. 

Liz must be crazy to work for the insensitive, arrogant, horribly…hot man she's avoided for years. Unfortunately, she needs the money and Ryan's grandmother needs a keeper. (Midnight tango lessons and ziplines with Gran, anyone?) Ryan's rare smile and swaggering confidence have Liz torn between throwing her favorite pinot grigio at his head or throwing herself at him. Can this control freak find a way to let loose with the tough, no-strings guy who once broke her heart?

There was a major humiliation that happened 17 years ago between Liz Garner and Ryan O’Hare at the city pool where he was a life guard.  This event was life altering for Liz who at the time was 13 years old, overweight, awkward, and shy.
     To her he was the older 17 year old, handsome, trim, confident, and in control life guard she had crushed on.  It was so humiliating she has done everything and anything to avoid any and all contact with Ryan since.
     Since that time though she has done everything in her power also to change that girl that everyone saw, through dieting and exercising.  Plus, she is now a respected teacher, does nothing in which anyone could talk badly about her at all.
     Ryan looked at that day she calls one big “Humiliation” as life altering in that it made him want to protect and serve.
To be able to do whatever he could to help people and he always thought of Liz as the girl that helped him on his career path. 
     Yet, Liz wanted the white picketed fence, kids, and a husband with the no shedding dog.  Whereas, Ryan wanted to find a good “lay” and move on no “strings attached.”  She tries his way when meets his grandmother and becomes her keeper.  But when things become confusing for them very quickly when lines become blurred.  I love the characters, Molly, Ryan’s grandmother is a hoot!  You will fall in love with this cast of crazy characters and their offbeat lives.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provide by  Find us on:


YOU AGAIN                                           ASHLEE MALLORY
Posted:  March 24, 2014

You Again by Ashlee Mallory  A hopeless crush…

Back in high school, Allie McBride thought the sun set around Sam Fratto’s smiles, even if they were only friends. Now she’s older, wiser, hotter, and teaching at the same school they grew up in. When Sam joins the faculty, she has a chance to make good on the crush that got away. But when a dead body turns up on school grounds, they realize there might be a murderer in their midst. The heat keeps getting hotter between Allie and Sam, but more might be in danger than their hearts…

The cute kid from high school is all grown up…

A family crisis brings true-crime writer Sam Fratto back to town after more than a decade’s absence. Teaching at his alma mater seems like a good way to pass the time—especially when he sees that Allie, the geeky, sweet-mannered girl from high school, has blossomed into the saucy teacher in the classroom next door. Too bad finding a dead body transforms his return into one of his true-crime books come to life. And when it seems the killer might be after Allie next, it’s up to him to keep her safe…

A killer determined to keep the past buried at any price…

As if dealing with the return of one ghost from her past wasn’t enough, it looks like the killer might be the person they least suspected. Someone from the past. Someone with something to hide. Someone who thinks Allie and Sam are getting a little too close to the truth. If Allie and Sam are going to get out of this alive, these two friends to lovers will have to work together…or die together…

      What can I say besides I absolutely loved this book? This was such a fun and rather exciting storyline.  It had a past crush of Allie McBride’s coming back on campus where she now teaches.  He being Sam Fratto, the ex-jock, school newspaper reporter and school heart breaker.  Now a New York Times best-selling author.
     Being he was coming home to be there for his mom who has stage 3 breast cancer he just found out about.  He decided to provide his services to his old school since they were in need of a teacher for a quarter.
     His first night back in town he has a run in at the airport with a woman with an out of control child whom she can’t manage.  They have a few words.  She had recognized him as she would since she crushed over him for two whole years but he had no clue who she was.  So, imagine their surprise when Monday rolls around and Allie’s asked to the principal’s office to meet the new relief for the extra classes she had taken on from the shorted teacher, and there sat, you guessed it, Sam Fratto.  Yet, not as shocked as he was.
     To say he felt the chill was an understatement.  Allie was asked to turn over the lesson plans to the other teacher’s class to Sam which she was okay with.  Once dismissed she speed walks to her class, the whole time he is checking out her a--, to get him the folder.  He knew she was trying to ditch him and thought it was funny.  While she was looking he apologizes.  Then, all hell breaks loose.  The construction noise that you could hear stops and then you hear silence and then a lot of people talking in loud whispers. 
     The construction on the peace garden stopped and then there were cop cars everywhere.  When they went down to investigate they were told a body had been unearthed, everyone gasped.  Awhile later, they were told that it was one of their own, a teacher that use to teach there, “Mr. Williams.”  It was now a murder investigation…
     You will get you HEA you are looking for.  I can tell you that but this is a good murder mystery too but with humor and romance.  There is some sadness and disappointment too.  I give it 5 stars.  Provided by

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Posted:  March 24, 2014

Her Summer with the Marine by Susan Meier  Their competition has never been so irresistible

The last person Ellie McDermott wanted to run into after returning to her hometown is Finn Donovan, her high school nemesis and the guy she crossed the line from enemies to lovers with one night years ago. Now ex-military, tattooed, and still sexy as hell, Finn is a complication Ellie doesn’t need—she needs to concentrate on saving her family business.

Finn’s entire life, Ellie was there, going head-to-head with him in every class, bee, and test. So it’s no surprise she’d show up just as he was about to take over her father's struggling business. It is a surprise, though, that his attraction to her is even more explosive than it had been. Acting on their attraction is one thing, but Finn has to turn a profit to save his own family, and nothing—not even love—will get in his way. 
     How many times have you said, “If only?” or wish, if only things could have happened differently.  Or, if we could have a, “do over.”  Would you?  Or you thought things were one way but they weren’t?  This story is that. 
     This is one deep book.  OMG!  You laugh and cry during it. Yet, it is so worth every tissue and tear it.  This author really knows how to grip you in the depth of your emotions to feel the characters pain and joys.
     Ellie McDermott is called home to Harmony Hills, Penn. By the Chief of Police.  Her dear widowed father was found wandering in the park across the street naked.  Ellie leaves her life as an ad agent in Pittsburg with not a thought to get to her father.
     It turns out he has Alzheimer’s and will need long term care.  Ellie has some major decisions to make, you see her dad owns McDermott’s Mortuary.  Before the sun had really set that first day Finn Donovan comes a calling.
     Who’s he you ask?  Finn is only the man who was the boy who competed with Ellie for every quiz, contest, or award since grade school.  He was also the guy who deflowered her.  Now, he sees that the opportunity has opened up for him to make a move on her dad’s business and he does.  Why?  Why, would he want it and can’t she run it and will she need the steady income from it to help take care of her dad?
     But, could she ever sell it to the man who stole the most prized gift a woman has?  Especially, without ever looking back or talking to her again until now?  Surprisingly it can be resolved and there is a HEA.  But don’t expect it to be smooth sailing it is bumpy and there will be a lot of tears at least there were for me.  Very good story that I gave 5 stars.
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