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Gallery: What Goes On In My Teens Mind? She's 13 and Yesterday She Was Just On Edge???

Posted On: March 26, 2014
   Yesterday when I picked up my daughter from school we had a date for some mom and daughter time to go shopping for a gift for one of her friends.  You see she has a birthday party to go to this weekend so we thought it would be nice just the two of us going to go do it without dad coming along.  At least that was the plan the night before.  I could tell when I picked her up and it was hot and I mentioned her taking off her jacket because she was making me hot.  Which is a standing joke with my sometimes hot flashes.  Yet, yesterday that did not go over to well, she nearly bit my head off.  I said, “Wow, bad day.”  And let it go and just asked about her day.  Then while we were at the store she was rude again and this time didn’t let go.  I brought it to her attention with no less than a harsh tone that she would not be disrespectful and bite my head off for her bad day.  If she wanted to talk about it we can or we could just go home and she did not have to …