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Interview with LISA EUGENE Today: Author of SURRENDER MY LOVE

We Would like to ThankLisa Eugene

Author Of

For being with us Today
Rad-Reader: What do you think really captured Brad’s attention and made him really take notice of Chloe?
Lisa: He fell hard for Chloe because she wasn’t like every woman who fell at his feet. She was defiant and stood up to him.  He appreciates a strong-willed woman.
Rad-Reader:  Right off the bat he takes Chloe at the night club in a heady erotic love scene but makes sure to tell her in his office the erotic scene before in his office that, “I don’t do relationships.” Why?
Lisa: Brad is a man who is used to clingy women. He is focused on his career and does not have time or any inclination to be in a relationship other than sexual. He wants a woman to know that up front. He does not lack for sexual partners.
Rad-Reader: What do you think each of them was most afraid of when getting involved in this sexual relationship but trying to avoid the emotional relationship?
Lisa: I think Chloe was afraid of eventually getting hurt. S…