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Talkin’ SportsWith Pat
1.)  I was on vacation so I missed last week as you may have guessed.  So, I was glad that Bubba Watson won his second Masters Golf championship.  Two in three years puts him in a pretty good group of now only 9 men who have done that.

2.)  Now who could Michael Pineda is suspended for 10 games for have Pine tar on his neck.  This is totally uncalled for.

3.)  It looks like Atlanta is going to take a 2-1 lead in their playoff game against Indiana.  The Pacers & Bulls have not looked good in the playoffs. 


Posted:  April 8, 2014

Megan Foy is finally getting the big wedding she's dreamed of. With her new child and the affection of the brothers of the Death Dwellers' MC, her life is settling down. However, a new threat rides into town and targets Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell, forcing him to reevaluate his life once more and endangering everyone. Most of all, it threatens Meggie's new-found peace.

I have to tell you I totally enjoyed this book.  But, it is a biker book through and through.  So you have to know that right off the bat.  Now that we got that squared away, Christopher is much older and never thought he could love or be loved.  Then he finds Meggie and a love story begins.     If you don’t like erotica this book won’t be for you because it has them burning up the sheets and then some, and “Oh Dear Lord!”  You are fanning yourself like a woman who needs her hormone shot.  The faster you fan the hotter the flame that can’…