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 He would like to hear from you about any sports book you may have read or your teams.  But these are just a few of the topics he will touch on…

1.) The L.A. Kings became the 4th team in NHL history to come back down 0-3 to win the series.  4-3 Quick the goalie for L.A. went from giving up 5 goals in each of the first three games, to one goal in each of the next four games.  Now the first ever Kings-Ducks Playoff.

2.)  Quarterback Earl Morrall Died last week, the guy who saved Miami’s undefeated season.  When Griese went down after a few games with a broken ankle he came in and guided them all the way through the rest of the season and to the AFC Championship game.  To be replaced later by Griese again when they were trailing the Steelers.  Without him they would not have finished 17-0 that year.

3.)  The Bulls were sent home by the Wizards and Pacers are looking like they will be the next ones to be gone along with their coach.
Some sports books that are worth a look:
The Southern League
The Kid (About Ted Williams)
Red Sox vs Yankees: The Great Rivalry
Dr. J: My Life
Heart of the Blackhawks
Driven: Donald Driver
The DiMaggio Brothers
Undefeated: 1972 Miami Dolphins
Driving Mr. Yogi (Funny Book)
Controlled Violence: Sam Huff
Turning Two: The Mets
Colored Blind
Lombardi's Left Side
Imperfect: Jim Abbott
The Greatest Game: 78' Playoff Yankees & Red Sox
Greatest Game Ever Pitched
The Glory Game
Yankee For Life: Bobby Murcer
Stan Musial: An American Life
Summer of 49'

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