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Talkin’ Sports
With Pat

1.) Up until last night the Blackhawks had won all of their home playoff games.  Last night though Johnathan Quick, was that quick, keeping the Kings in the game especially in the second period when Chicago had a 2 on 1 advantage looking to make the score 3-0 in their favor.  But Quick made an outstanding play saving the Kings score one goal making it 2-1 then come out in the third and score 5 times to win 6-2 and even the series at 1-1.

2.)  The other day there was a fight between two teammates at the Dodger minor league team.  One of the players bit part of the other player’s ear off and he had too have plastic surgery to repair it.  Today the Dodgers released the player who bit the other player.  Can you believe that this was a grown man of 35 years of age?

3.)  Don’t know how many people know the name Wendell Scott, he was the first African American driver in NASCAR.  The first to win a NASCAR race.  He will be inductee to the NASCAR Hall of Fame this year.  His first race was in 1952.  He ran what was called back then the Dixie Circuit.  After he won some races on that circuit he took his car to Winston-Salam North Carolina.  But NASCAR officials refused to let him compete.  He would continue to race in Virginia and won his first race at Lynchburg, Virginia only 12 days into his racing career.  He said, “I found my calling.”  He was well respected not only as a driver but as an excellent mechanic also by the other drivers.  After a while some white drivers became his friends and acted as bodyguards.  By 53’ newspapers in the South were starting to write stories about him.  In 59’ he won two championships in sportsman class.  In 61 he moved up to Grand National (now sprint cup) in 63’ he finished 15th in points and on Dec. 1 of that year driving a Chevy Bel-Air that he purchased from Ned Jarrett, he won a race at Jacksonville, Florida.  The first (and only to date) event won by an African American, Scott passed Richard Petty with 25 laps remaining.  Scott was announced the winner of the race at the time but due to the racist culture of the time, Buck Baker the second place driver was initially declared the winner but two hours later, officials discovered Scott had not only won the race but was two laps ahead of everyone else.  Two years later NASCAR awarded the win to Scott but his family never received the trophy he earned for winning until 2010, 47 years after the race and 20 years after his death.  He continued to race until injuries from an accident at Talladega.  He had 1 win and 147 top ten finishes in 495 starts.  He died in 1990 of spinal cancer.

Elyssa Patrick Interview Here tomorrow!!! Friday 5/23/14 7:00pm PST

Elyssa Patrick
Interview Here tomorrow!!!
7:00 p.m. PST

Newest Book


One fake relationship . . .

Ginny Michaels has always been a good girl and—ever since surviving a school shooting a little over a year ago—hailed a hero. Except she doesn’t feel like a hero. She can’t even have a one-night stand with sexy Wes Dalton properly. When her big city fling resurfaces in her hometown with an intriguing proposition, she’s powerless to resist. A fake relationship is exactly what’s needed to keep her small town’s matchmakers at bay during the upcoming wedding season. If only her attraction to Wes were as easy to ignore.

Too many real kisses . . .

Wes Dalton doesn’t have many regrets, and that includes his night with Ginny. But he’s always hoped to strengthen his relationship with his estranged family. When his father’s health takes a bad turn, Wes puts his life on hold and moves to the meddling seaside town of Cape Hope. With his barriers in place—and a beautiful woman to help him hold them up—he’s prepared for anything. Or so he thinks. Despite his determination to leave as soon as the summer is over, those fake kisses are starting to feel an awful lot like the real thing.


The door creaked open. A young, dark-haired woman came out into the darkness. She held a tray with a beer on top of it. It wasn’t until she stepped into the dim light that he could make out her features.
She had the type of curves that separated the women from the girls.
Generous breasts that made his mouth water and lush hips he could hold onto. Shapely legs under a flared-out blue skirt and soft arms. An oval-shaped face with a pouty, pink mouth that begged for kissing, and deep brown eyes framed by sooty lashes. Glossy, rich brown hair tumbled over her shoulders, the ends dancing along the top of her breasts in a v-neck, white cotton t-shirt.
She was beautiful, sexy, and he was interested. Very interested.
Even though his whole body tightened in anticipation, he kept his stance and tone relaxed. “That for me?”
“The beer?” She glanced down at the tray and let out a nervous laugh that did something to his insides.
He found himself stepping closer, trying to understand this sudden need drumming in his veins. He’d never felt this pull before . . . there was something about her that made him want to know more. Like how she smelled, how she tasted, and how she would look naked in his arms. Well, he knew the answer to that last one.
She would look damn good naked in his arms.
“Yeah. It’s for—” Words died on her lips as she glanced up at him, her eyes widening as she realized he was inches away, their bodies facing each other as if they were about to dance. Not any of that slow waltzing thing but a dirty bump and grind where she’d rub herself against him. He’d been wrong. He thought her eyes were brown. Brown was too commonplace. Rich like melted dark chocolate. She gave brown-eyed girl a whole new meaning.
As their gazes held and lingered, those brown eyes darkened with desire. A faint blush stole her cheeks, and she licked her pouty lips. The air grew thick with want, the tension crackling. Then she ducked her head, her blush deepening.

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Elyssa Patrick is a former high school English teacher who left the classroom to write contemporary romances and New Adult. She is currently hard at work on her next novel.

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