Posted:  July 3, 2014

Lightning over Bennett RanchMelody Bennett’s parents trampled on her teenage romance with a drifter ten years ago. He disappeared without a word of goodbyes on the night they had planned to run away together. Since then, she cast aside her foolish notions of happily ever after and worked hard alongside the hired help to care for the majestic horses on her family’s ranch. She refused to give love another chance and resigned to live her life alone. 

Max Fortaine returned with a heart guarded by secrets and a sizable bank account that took blood, prayers and tears to fund. The cowboy disrupted Melody’s peaceful existence with stolen kisses and a promise for more. After a lifetime of running, mistakes and regrets, he vowed to reclaim the only woman he ever loved… if only her overprotective father didn’t stand in his way.
      This is a story of a love that never died when in truth it really should have.  Melody Bennett, 17 years old when they met, was 4th generation Bennett living and caring for the ranch.  Her father Wayne Bennett was a stern and hard worker who loved his daughter.  He would hire strays, one stray he hired was 20 year old Max Fortaine.
     He saw her one day ride in on horseback or should I say race in, not thinking she would clear the fence safely, when all of a sudden she stopped the horse on a dime.  She had utter command of that horse as well as his heart from that moment on.
     That summer was a whirlwind and it all came to ahead when they were caught in the haystacks.  A drifter and a good girl would never be allowed and he knew it.  He let her believe that they would run away together when he knew her father would never allow that to happen and sure enough her father wanted to talk to him.
     This story was short and sweet at 27 pages.  It has your heart racing, emotions rearing, and saying awe…either way it has it strung up.  It has all the markings you want in a love story including the selfless cowboy hero.  So, saddle up girls it’s time for a short ride. 
     I am giving this 5 stars.  I do wish it was longer though I really liked these characters and hope that they continue they had a spark that I would like to read more about.  This book was provided by the author for an honest review.  Find us at:


THE HEART'S GAME                               CRISTA McHUGH
Posted:  July 3, 2014

What happens at Comic-Con, stays at Comic-Con…
Robotics engineer Jenny Nguyen has given up on finding Mr. Right. So when her brother and his husband approach her to act as surrogate for their child, she sees it as her only chance to have a child and accepts. One week after she initiates the process, however, she meets a man who gets her heart pumping for all the right reasons and gives into the temptation. When the test turns positive, she’s believes she can’t handle both the pregnancy and dating, but she underestimates how persistent Daniel Kelly can be.
When surgeon and gamer-geek Dan meets a pretty woman dressed as a Sailor Scout at Comic-Con, a roll of his lucky 20-sided die tells him he should take a gamble on her. One night of passion leaves him longing for more, but Jenny’s refusal to return his calls afterward leaves him wondering if the attraction was one-sided. An accidental discovery of her pregnancy has him convinced the baby is his, and he’ll stop at nothing to win her heart. 

The Kelly Brothers Series
The Sweetest Seduction, Book 1 (Adam)
Breakaway Hearts, Book 2 (Ben)
Falling for the Wingman, Book 3 (Caleb)
The Heart’s Game, Book 4 (Dan)
A Seductive Melody, Book 5 (Ethan, coming Sept. 2014)

     Jenny Nguyen and Dr. Daniel Kelly although they have very common interest they come from two entirely different worlds.  Jenny, being 30, Vietnamese, and unmarried was causing her mother great shame.  The rest of her family could really give a rip.  In fact she and her father were two Science computer geeks so he loves her no matter what.  Plus she is doing nicely for herself.
     She owns her own home, works in robotics, and enjoys role playing and gaming as characters in the games.  As for her brother he is a lawyer, openly guy, and oh by the way she is having a baby for him and his husband.  So, all in all it’s not that bad but for her mom it’s awful.  To the point of sell her traits as if she is an old maid, that she is well off, and that she is basically a green card for a man from Vietnam.  Which all goes south once she spills the beans when she becomes fed up with her mother and aunt pawning her off as if she were a piece of meat.  So, she tell them about the baby.
     The thing is she meets Dan the day before she finds out she is pregnant and she beds him.  Asking that whatever happens at Com Con stays at Com Con.  Thinking she’d never see him again but two weeks later it turns out he moves to town and is friends with her best friend at work, who is also the head of the gaming group she is in.  See the fireworks between these two.  You won’t want to miss it.  I give this book 5 stars.  Book provided by

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