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Gallery: Holiday Thoughts for the coming 2015Posted: Dec. 4, 2014
Although this is the way we would like to believe that we all live all year long. In reality we are more along the lines of…

Truthfully, there is no fairytale but the modest humble home that shows that a real family dwells within. We have to appreciate that for so many reasons…

There are those who have real problems and not having coffee in the house to make a new pot.  Thank you for securing our freedom.

It’s not being petty in order to make ourselves feel better at others expense.  We are all beautiful.  No matter our size.

Being grateful for the food on our table no matter what it is but making it a feast that we can have fun.  To sit & talk as a family.  Joy & Happiness are a choice made by you.  So, make it already get a jump on 2015.

We here at 1 Rad-Reader Review want to thank you for coming back on a regular basis to see what great books and new authors we have been reading.  We have been so blessed to meet so…