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INTERVIEW:Scott McEwen Author Of: Target America (Sniper Elite #2)

We would like to welcomeScott McEwenAuthor of Target America
(Sniper Elite #2)

Rad-Reader:  Are all the characters on Gil’s team based on men and women that you have met over the years?
Scott:   Yes.  The characters are definitely based mainly on SEALs that I have got to know personally, and those that I have met through social interactions.
Rad-Reader:  Is Gil loosely based on some of the men you met at the bar in the prologue to “Sniper Elite?”
Scott:  Definitely.  Gil is the embodiment of several SEALs I have known-most of whom were snipers.  The individual I described in the beginning of Sniper Elite was a SEAL that I met in Coronado that had been wounded multiple times in a firefight and stayed in the battle until medivac'd for treatment.  This is the "Never Quit" attitude that Gil represents.
Rad-Reader:  How difficult is it for you to find out about Black op missions and then change parts for your stories?
Scott:  Really not difficult at all.  It adds to the fun of writi…


Posted:  Dec. 19, 2014

Mike Taggart has always been willing to take a gamble. But these stakes are just way too high - there's no way he's prepared to become a legal guardian to his five-year-old niece. His only option is to head from Las Vegas to Last Chance to sort things out as quickly as possible. Problem is, he arrives to find an inconsolable little girl, her sick cat, and a gorgeous veterinarian he can't get out of his mind.

Charlene Polk has two talents: healing sick critters and falling in love with the wrong men. Mike has trouble written all over him, but she can't leave him in the lurch. And the more time she spends with the sexy high roller, the more she sees that this ready-made family is the best stroke of luck they've ever had . . .

HUBBY'S REVIEW:Mike Taggert, arrives in Last Chance with his niece Rainbow and a cat named Tigger. He had lost her bear somewhere on the flight from Chicago, where two days ago he found out t…