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     Minnie Minoso passed away the other day.  Known as “Mister Chicago White Sox.”  Actually came up with the Cleveland Indians in 1949 and was traded to the White Sox in 1951.  Born in Cuba he was a “Cuban American Negro League” & Major League Baseball player. 
     In 1946 he began his career by playing for the New York Cubans and was an All-Star third baseman.  Signed by Cleveland in 1948 as the color line was slowly changing.  He then would be traded to the White Sox.  He hit a home run.  He was the first “Black” Cuban in the Major Leagues and also for the White Sox.  He was part of the “60-61 White Sox” team of the 50’ and 60’s.  He would bat over .300 five times and was the (AL) leader in triples and stolen bases three times.  He held the White Sox career homerun record from 1956-1974 and during the same time as Willie Mays was playing and stole 179 bases Minnie stole 167.

     He also led the league in getting hit by the pitch.  A record that was not broken until 1985.  The White Sox retired his #9 years ago, not in the Hall of Fame but finished with a .298 batting avg. 186 homeruns and 1,023 RBI.  Of course his numbers would have been better if he would have been allowed to play sooner.

Who was the only player of the losing Super Bowl Team to win the MVP?

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