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Interview With Steve Brewer: aka: Max Austin - Author of Duke City Hit TODAY!!!

We would like to WelcomeSteve Brewer
(aka: Max Austin)

Author of:

Rad-Reader:  Is Duke City another name for Albuquerque?  Because your first book had that in its title also?
Steve: Yes, Duke City is Albuquerque's nickname because the city originally was named for a duke back in Spain who helped fund the Spanish exploration/settlement along the Rio Grande.
Rad-Reader:  How do you come up with the criminals being so classy-well dressed?  Drive a certain car?  Etc…

Steve: Well, not all of them are. One of the heroes of the next book, DUKE CITY DESPERADO, wears baggy jeans and a gray hoodie for the whole book. But the protagonist in DUKE CITY HIT, which came out in December, is Vic Walters, a hit man in his late 50s who believes in the anonymity of the gray business suit. Vic's the kind of guy who always buys a black Cadillac because it's comfortable and invisible. He bumps off somebody and drives away, and none of the witnesses can remember anything.
Rad-Reader:  Have you thought a…