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Kishan Paul Interview: Blind Love With Excerpt

Welcome our authorKishan Paul
Friday, July 17
7pm PST
Blind Love

Rad-Reader:  How did you come up with this storyline?
Kishan:  Blind Love was inspired by a challenge I took on in one of my social media groups. We had to write a story about a blind neighbor in an hour. Afterwards, I let someone read it who said, yeah blind people don’t go jogging by themselves. It bugged me because I knew that wasn’t true. I’d heard stories of people with vision impairments jogging, climbing trees, etc. Actually, it was Lauren who was bugged not so much me. Her character had developed through that one hour story I wrote and she was screaming at me. Telling me I needed to tell her story and show people that being blind wasn’t the end all.
So I started researching and found out about RP and got sucked in. I read blogs on line written by those who struggle with RP and their amazing journey and reached out to someone who moderates a Retinitis Pigmentosa group. I’ve loved every part of the research. 

Rad-Reader: …