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We Will Be Welcoming TOWMORROW Tamsyn Bester Author of THE LINE BETWEEN

We Will Be Welcoming Tamsyn Bester
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I put one foot in front of the other, and strode towards Dane and his ‘peeps’. The roses he’d been so generous to buy me were perched on my arm, but as I got closer, I moved them and grasped onto the thick collection of stems with my hand. Reid saw me first. Uncertainty darted across his face, and he tapped Dane on the shoulder, alerting him of my presence. Our eyes met, and he stopped his groping session with Red long enough to register that my visit wasn’t at all a friendly one. His eyes bounced between mine, and the roses in my hand. “Kennedy,” he said, standing up. I stopped a foot in front of him, trying to calm my nerves. My empty hand was fisted against my thigh, and I could feel my nails digging into the flesh of my palm. Seeing Dane, being face-to-face with him, and standing so close only coaxed my anger.Time passed as we stared at each other and we paid no mind to the people around us who had suddenly grown quiet. I ended …