Meant for Me by Jacie FloydWhen Nicole Smith was just a teenager with a head full of dreams, she saved the life of Mitch Grayson, a troubled boy about to join the Army. While she doubted she’d ever see him again, she could never quite forget him either. When their paths cross again, Mitch carries the internal scars of all he has seen and endured. Throughout his tours of duty, he carried Nicole’s picture into combat. Naming her his Good-Luck Angel, he believes the photograph kept him safe time after time. Now, they both have successful careers and meaningful lives, but neither of them can decide if fate is throwing them together again… or working overtime to keep them apart. 

Mitch Grayson 18, arrived at his little brother Elliott’s summer camp to say good-bye before he went off to the Army.  He also wanted to assure him that he and his mom would be safe from their father at their grandfather’s home.  While having lunch, a hotdog, Mitch starts to laugh and the hotdog gets lodged in his throat making him unable to breathe. 
     Nicole Smith, 17 a senior in high school, the swim instructor and part-time councilor looks over to see Mitch red faced and making the universal sign for choking of holding his throat.  She tries striking his back nothing.  When she springs into action with the Heimlich maneuver.
     Everyone claps calling her a hero.  But to Mitch and Elliott 10, she was Mitch’s angel.  Mitch felt that instant connection has she did when he rode up on his motorcycle.  When it was time to leave he asked her to walk him to his bike.  She does.  He gets her number and says he wished he could take her out to dinner if she had any free time for saving his life.  She says no that she is taking on extra shifts so she can earn extra money for school.  She told him she wanted to be a doctor.
     He said he wished he could do more than say, “Thank You!”  Laughingly she says something like, you mean more than a thank you card or flower?  How much are worth, your life?  Is worth say a Dooney & Bourke purse or a new laptop?  Or something more valuable that I really want like a college scholarship?  He laughs and says I will see what I can do.  They both laugh.  Little did she know he could arrange that.  He only wished he could be there to see her face when she received them.  They said good-bye, gave each other a deep hug, and kiss, then he said, If he was ever in Cincinnati he’d call.
     Ten years later he’s out of the Army where his specialty was explosives.  So, what better place Cincinnati, Ohio?  Where Nicole just happens to be working as a delivery nurse/midwife in the same town.  She is home one night the neighbor’s kids stop by because mom is working overtime.  Then there is a big to do at the school across the street.  Police, fire engines, and ambulance.  The boys ask to go so she takes them the youngest boy Seth loves fire engines.
     After the fires out Seth brings over a fireman who said if the boys were to come the next day he could take them on a tour.  When he steps out of the shadows it’s not only the man she had notice arrives when the emergency was at its highest and he seemed familiar but now she sees him. She doesn’t know its Mitch.  She knows there’s something about him she knows but can’t figure it out until he says, “Hello Angel.”
     This was such a good book.  Short and sweet.  The storyline kept moving which I liked.  It’s humorous and an example of life in so many ways.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by 
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She’s handed in her resignation—but this wealthy rancher has another position in mind… 

In three months, Pilar Lopez will be free: free of the charity she’s always had to take from the Merrill family, free to live where she wants, free to be her own person. The secretarial job Benedict Merrill gave her five years ago has allowed her to support her younger brother and she’s indebted to the wealthy rancher. But soon her brother will be on his own and she’ll leave the tempting Benedict—and her powerful attraction to him—behind forever. 

When she hands in her resignation, Benedict reveals plans of his own—ones that involve Pilar in his bed. She can handle a three month affair, no sweat. But when she starts to fall for Benedict, will she be able to handle loving him for always?
     First off this is a mix of a BBW, erotica, and romantic comedy.  All the things I enjoy.
     Pilar Lopez has had a crush on her boss for several years of the five she has worked for him.  But she knows this tall, brown haired, blue eyed, drink of water would never look twice at her.  A charity case “Admin Sec.”  A chunky Mexican chick with thighs, ass, and boobs.  Benedict Merrill is a man’s man who wants a different kind of woman right?  So, Pilar thought.  You see she always felt like a charity case around him since her mom was their housekeeper growing up.
     Well, until 5 years ago when her whole world changed.  She was on the scholarship, given by the Merrill family, to UC Riverside, when she got that awful call.  The one that told her that her parents had been killed by a drunk driver.  She came home ASAP.  She came home to care for Javier.  At 21 she now had full charge of a home and her 13 year old brother.  She needed a job.  She filled out an application for an “Admin Sec” and Benedict hired her on the spot saying she was more than qualified.
     She never knew that on that day Benedict had fallen for her yet knew she had a brother who was her first responsibility.  Being the gentle soul that he is wouldn’t allow his feelings ever to emerge.  In fact if you were to have asked Pilar at the time he was efficient, cold, but kind.  He too had his own demons that he was dealing with when he had to take over for his father when he fell ill.
     But when she walks in 5 years later with 3 months until her brother graduation and gives him her resignation he knew he had to step up his efforts to win her heart.  What he thought was so obvious to her about his feelings for her he was finding out he was nowhere near giving off to Pilar at all.
So, like any good Boss he denies the acceptance of the resignation and orders her to have dinner with him.  She’s in shock but has to agree.  When he arrives he takes her to a private dining area of the bar/restaurant.  There with a white table cloth, candles, china, and champagne is their dinner.  Now she is really confused.  Life as Pilar now knows it is changing.

     This was a short fun erotica.  This couple was so cute and loving to one another. 
All BBW;s hope to find a Benedict.  I give this 5 stars.


MOMENT OF WEAKNESS #1                    TONI J. STRAWN

Moment of Weakness by Toni J. StrawnThe rules of engagement are clear: it’s all-out war. And their hearts are on the line.

It’s not that Abby Harkness’s ex cheated. Hell, it’s not even that he did the dirty with her own sister. The worst part? Everyone—even her own mother—knew about it before she did.

These days, Abby’s nomadic job makes it easy to stick to the rules that protect her heart. Rule number one: Never stay in any man’s bed more than one night. But when a carefully planned tryst falls through, she finds herself stranded in a boardroom—naked—with the one man who makes her body scream danger.

Three hours of mind-blowing sex later, Marcus Brookhein walks out of the boardroom feeling like he just lost. That doesn’t sit with someone who lives and breathes competition. Next time, he’s making the rules. Starting by getting her assigned to work side by side with him.

Abby is desperate not to repeat a night of pleasure that left cracks in her carefully constructed defenses. But four long weeks of close proximity loom before her. And Marcus has a lot to teach her about playing dirty…

Warning: Contains a contest of wills with hot sex. Epic hot sex. Pushing-the-limits sex. On a conference table. On the kitchen counter. On the floor—because they never quite make it to the couch.
     For sure this is an erotic case of cat and mouse.  This is for keeps in a way more pleasurable way.  You see Abby Harkness had been burned by love in the worst way.  Not only had she been betrayed by the man she had been planning on spending the rest of her life with, her fiancĂ© Nathan.  Not only did he betray her he broke her.
     You see when her sister Nicky came back from abroad she never thought she would have to worry about the two people she loved the most hooking up.  Well she was wrong.  Not only did they hook up behind her back, while she was at school they did it in their home.  As if that wasn’t enough she was the last to know that it had been going on for a long time and no one wanted to hurt her including her mom.
     That’s when she said enough was enough.  She told them all off packed up and left town.  Leaving no forwarding address or phone number.  Now she has her own set of rules when it comes to guys never stay in a man’s bed more than one night with nothing more than hot hard sex.  Which never allowed the men close enough to hurt her.  Then they become murky.  Because guy number one, Logan the one she picks when she shows up at her new assignment.  He the HR guy at Croven’s, ends up being a guy just as scummy as her ex because Logan it turns out is engaged too and at no time during the 6 weeks of flirting does he say a word.
     The killer is the guy she knows is totally unsafe because he wants more from it she can tell because he too is a rule player and knows the game.  And he would not play by the, her rules he would play by his rules, Marcus Brookhein, is the one that tells her too about Logan.  So, after she set Logan straight while he was jacking off in the men’s room waiting for her to come in and watch, boy was he surprised when she brought up his fiancĂ©.  In fact he went down right pale and his member deflated at once.  She went to the hotel bar to drink off her mad and he goes for his phone.  He leaves and Marcus quietly tells the bartender to water down her drinks then he makes his move. Asking what her rules are.  He had been watching her for the past 6 weeks play Logan and Logan play her.  So, he wanted the rules up front.  Once they were met then they could move forward in his mind.  He asks again.  She says “Only players.  Only sex.  And most importantly, only one night.”  She got cocky and asked, “Do you want to play?”  Marcus says, “I’m thinking about it.”
     Game on.  See how these two use the rules to meet and beat their own rules.  Or was it torture that they like really the pain was better than the pleasure?  You’ll have to decide when you read and see for yourself.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by 

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STEPBROTHER, MINE #3                            OPAL CAREW

Stepbrother, Mine #3 by Opal CarewUnable to let Dana slip away again, Mason bids on the one thing he's always wanted--even if it is completely forbidden. He's fantasied about having Dana to himself for years, touching her smooth skin, tasting her sweet lips. But Dana is off-limits...or is she? All it takes is just one kiss to find out... 

     Well, If you are looking for straight erotica book three is the one for you.  The other two well not so much.  This really started to feel dark at the beginning due to the way book two ended.  I really came into it with an open mind though and this one picked up.  Good thing I read book one and two because I think I would have been lost.
     But the plot overall not that hard.  Dana in love with the man who was her stepbrother for two whole years.  She was 16 at the time to 18.  Mason on the other hand was 10 years older.  Although they were both crushing on each other neither acted on it, or at least not until Dana was 18 and she is the one who acted first.
     You see Dana’s mom was married to Mason’s much older kinky father who was boinking his maid Maria at the same time he was married.  So, Mason knowing his dad’s kinky side decided to move into the mansion to protect Dana from him.  As it turned out when he moved back in while his father and Dana’s mother were on their honeymoon, Dana had been moved into the house and had been living there alone and afraid, with only the servants.
He could tell she hated it too.
     So from that day on he worked from home most days or he at least had breakfast with her before she went to school. He tried to be home when she got home from school.  They ate as a family of two.  He took her on outings they watched movies and he comforted her.  At 18 she was ready to give herself to him so when she comes down to get ready to go when her date arrived for the prom and their eyes locked…
     Dana jumped up hugged him around the neck and French kissed him of which he reciprocated holding her so tight she could feel his member.  He pushes her away when the doorbell rings coming to his senses.  He greets her date and he practically throws her into her dates arms.  To her stun hurt eyes.  She leaves with her date.  Mason is so upset he goes to his office to think because he wanted Dana as much as Dana wanted him.  Maria the maid offers to relieve the pressure in his member and after a few drinks and pain he says okay.
     She says she likes role playing of being forced and her denial.  At that point he didn’t care he had to get the pressure and freak-out over with.  Little did he know Dana had played sick and doubled back, she wanted to tell him how she felt and that she loved him and wanted to be with him.
     Jump forward 9 years.  Dana’s father dies her mom is in charge of paying for her college.  She wants to do her masters in Paris.  She had a month left in this year and her mom said no more.  She was not paying any more for her to get a job.  So she talks to her BFF.  Now she sold her virginity and guess who bought it?  Mason that’s who!  The thing is he tried to send her packing with the money out right.  No intercourse involved.  She said no because he didn’t know it she had always dreamt of being with him.  Her first time even up until the night before going to the buyer.  Not knowing the person who bought it was him.

     So, now he has to scare her and tell the truth he’s into BDSM!  She says she will be his Sub just teach her.  Can he do it will she be able to take it?  Will it turn out the way they both dreamed of it being?  It got better at the end.  I wrapped it up at the end a good thing or it would have been a lower score like book two.  I give this book 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:


STEPBROTHER, MINE #2                           OPAL CAREW

Stepbrother, Mine #2 by Opal CarewMeet Mason. He is used to getting what he wants. The head of his own corporate empire, he has wealth, means, and no shortage of beautiful women ready to fulfill his every need. But despite having it all, Mason is bored. Until he comes face-to-face with a woman from his past--one who will do anything to get what she wants. But is her desire for Mason worth the risk?

Eight years ago…
     Well, this is a story of a love that had started for a young girl in her teen years and a man who was in his twenties.  Nothing sexual and neither knew how the other felt.  It wasn’t until Dana was of age 18 and Mason 28 that she on the night of her prom being, his dad and her mom, were not there to see her off.  Mason was although she would have rather been going with him, she knew she could after all was her stepbrother by marriage.
     As she descended the stairs that night in her prom dress Mason noticed she was the most beautiful he had ever seen her.   Their eyes connected and he wondered if his eyes were blazing with as much passion as he saw in hers.  He assumed it was for her prom date that would be there soon.  When she gets to the bottom of the stairs he tells her how beautiful she looks.  She lunges at him and engulfs him in a deep French kiss.  He gets into it.  Holding her tight and close enough she could feel his member she moans and he remembers he shouldn’t be doing this.  He sends her on her way with her date.
     He is so sexually frustrated he goes into his office at the house to have a drink and the maid who he is sure she is doing her father offers to help with his needs.  Out of anger for her and lust for Dana he agrees.  As they get started, Maria the maid says she likes it rough.  When done he goes up stairs getting the weird feeling like they weren’t alone and he thought he had heard something.  But he knew that there was no one there since he had sent Dana off to the prom himself so she was gone already.  Or was she?  Was this the end for Maria?  Or the beginning of Mason’s dark bedroom secrets?  Can Dana face him the next morning?  You’ll have to read the 3 part book.

     Well, as most of you know I have a real problem with whole books being broken up and then left with more questions.  This is not alone book.  I feel like I was unsettled again at the end.  Not to mention once again another Dom and Sub book turning dark.  I’m dreading reading the next book I think.  I don’t like dark.  I give this book 3 stars.  Provided by netgalley.  Follow us at:

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