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Author Julie Particka "Blackmailed by the Hero" Written Interview

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This story for once was different in the fact that the woman, Vicky Stone, didn’t want to be saved or taken care of by a knight in shining armor.  It rested on her wanting to do so alone yet almost to solo.  And at a risk to her safety.  Vicky was a totally different than most LA types though.  She could never seem to put it into words but she knew what was guiding her sails after her horrible marriage rustling in a divorce to Brandon her ex.     You see she was due to get married to him five years ago when she met her brothers best friend Dante (Inferno) Palladino an ex pro wrestler turned actor.  Evan her brother is an actor and that is how they met.  When she met him a few months before her wedding when she had gone to visit her brother.  Dante had been working with him.  They talked for a lot she had been attracted to him and his easy way about him.  Then she left, not thinking anything of it.     For a couple of weeks she kept running into him somet…