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Welcome Author: Jacie Floyd author of: Meant For Me : Written Interview

WelcomeJacie Floyd
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When Nicole Smith was just a teenager with a head full of dreams, she saved the life of Mitch Grayson, a troubled boy about to join the Army. While she doubted she’d ever see him again, she could never quite forget him either. When their paths cross ten years later, Mitch carries the internal scars of all he has seen and endured. Throughout his tours of duty, he carried Nicole’s picture into combat. Naming her his Good-Luck Angel, he believes the photograph kept him safe time after time. Now, they both have successful careers and meaningful lives, but neither of them can decide if fate is throwing them together again… or working overtime to keep them apart

Rad-Reader:  Why this storyline?  Did it pick you or you pick it?
Jacie:  It kind of picked me. A long time ago I saw a news story about a nurse who saved a young boy’s life. He grew up to be a paramedic and has the opportunity to save hers. I loved the significance of that, how their story went full circle…