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You would think that the NFL would want to try to increase any type of good P.R. WRONG!  Deangelo Williams of the Pittsburgh Steelers request to continue to wear pink for the remaining part of the season, since his mother died of BREAST CANCER in 2014.  He wanted to continue to raise awareness outside of the Month of October.  “He said it is not just October for me it’s a lifestyle.  It’s about getting women to recognize to get tested.”  The league said that there are no exceptions to the uniform policy.  What a load of shit!  Here the league will allow drunk drivers, abusers, assaulters, and every other law breakers play but when a young man wants to do something GOOD?  The NFL says, “NO!”  Talk about being out of touch.  Williams (Not the NFL but Williams) is also paying for 53 women who cannot afford mammograms to be tested, 53 is the age of his mother when she passed away.  I know she is very proud of her son.  The NFL should be ashamed of themselves, but the…

Who Is Coming Friday? Avery Flynn Author of: "Dodging Temptation" (Excerpt Included)

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Avery Flynn

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My Review:Harper Connor had been born to be in the eye of the public. Nothing ever done if not really for the public. Even things like her birthdays were staged. So, after she finds out her husband cheated she had told him she would agree to be on stage with him as he told the public he was sorry for what he had done, his affairs. But after she wanted no questions for her, no grandstanding, and a quick divorce. He called her bluff and got down on one knee to ask her forgiveness. When she specifically said no spotlighting her. So, when she looked down at him she “cold cocked him!”
She left Washington D.C. to work somewhere else. And then she was approached to work for someone privately. It couldn’t have come at a better time since it was on a secluded ranch for the rich and famous. She wouldn’t be hounded by the press. She could hide out do a job she loved and when the job was over in two weeks the press would be on to another blood…