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Come Welcome Jennie Marts: Author of: Hidden Away 7pm PST FRIDAY (Now An Excerpt)

Come WelcomeFriday 7pm PSTJennie MartsFor Her 
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Cherry Hill has had a rough life but she is not complaining to anyone. So as she is dealing with a fire at her restaurant that she took over after her grandparents passed away. She gets a phone call saying that her cousin was in a car accident with her husband and child and she needed to rush to the hospital. On the way her car breaks down and the one person she really did not want to see shows up is Sheriff Taylor Johnson. The same man who broke her heart nine years ago when he left town and joined the service. He takes her to the hospital, but he still can’t believe she is driving the same VW bug that she had when they were in school. When they arrive at the hospital she is attacked by her so called family. They are still upset that the grandparents left the dinner to her, but now she finds out that her cousin has passed away and she has been made guardian over Sam, her nephew. Her Aunt, and cousin talk down to her and belittle…