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Here on Christmas Day Amie Stuart Author of: THE BIG GIRL'S GUIDE TO BUYING LINGERIE 7pm Friday

Christmas DayWelcome Amie StuartAuthor of:
The Big Girl’s Guide to Buying Lingerie7pm PSTFriday

Even Cowboys Get The Blues
·Publisher: Dancehall Diaries Ltd.·Release Date: June 2016·Genre: Contemporary Western Romance·Available Formats: eBook
Tim Caldwell is a Casanova Cowboy. Even as he vows to clean up his act for his daughter’s sake, he gets slam-dunked by the presence of one beautiful, ornery and distant bartender.Toni Dubois is a lost soul who’s spent her life on the run. After fifteen years, she heads back Louisiana but gets sidetracked when Lady Fate lands her in Bluebonnet, Texas.
This isn’t just Tim and Toni’s story, it’s Rene’s also and the pre-teen from hell does everything she can to rile her dad. From swearing like a sailor to bribing Toni into leave town. But Rene’s not the only one who has a lot to learn about life and love and maybe a few lessons to teach as well.

The two-way radio at Tim’s belt squawked, startling him and the yearling he’d been working with.  The …