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Welcome Author of "First" M.A.Grant

WelcomeAuthor of:FirstM.A. Grant

Rad-Reader:  Why this storyline and this genre?
M.A.:  First kind of came into being without my permission. I was between writing projects and for some reason, the breakfast scene between Cat and Dally popped into my head. The only things I really knew about both stories were that I wanted to try to capture the confusion and panic of that first sexual experience, and that I wanted the characters' voice to ring true to what was in my head. It just so happened that New Adult was the right genre for that.
Rad-Reader:  Jake and Cat were close and yet Dallas was the one more invested in Cat’s care and well-being.  Why did he leave so much to Dally?
M.A.:  I like to think of Jake as a bit tunnel-visioned. He takes incredible concern in Cat's well-being, but misses out on a lot of the small day-to-day care that Dally ends up covering for him. He did become a guardian/breadwinner at the age of 19, so he's been stuck in neutral for a while. He never had…