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Kim Law Interview Author of: ON THE ROCKS

WelcomeKim Law Author of:

Rad-Reader:  Married my high school sweetheart so loved this story so much.  So why this storyline?
Kim:  First, I love high school sweetheart HEAs! And granted, Ginger and Carter weren’t sweethearts before, but they should have been, don’t you think? I loved Ginger so much in the first two Turtle Island books. She was such a romantic. So I wanted to give her that special kind of high school sweetheart happily ever after that so many of us dreamed about as kids, and that meant that it had to be Carter.

Rad-Reader:  They were best friends why no contact at all?
Kim:  Well, they were GOOD friends. If you recall, her best friends were her girls, Roni and Andie. But Carter was the boy next door. He as a great friend, and they shared a lot, but as so often happens in life, they went down separate paths. Since he so rarely came home after he left, it was just natural for their paths not to cross.
Rad-Reader:  Did he hate his hometown?  His family?
Kim:  No. Just the oppo…