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Welcome Jen Doyle Author of: CALLING IT!

Jen DoyleAuthor of:

Before I start answering questions, I wanted to say thank you SOOO MUCH for having me. I am so happy that you liked the book and it is truly an honor to be here. 
Rad-Reader:  Why this storyline?
Jen:  I don’t remember specifically how this storyline came about, although I have a distinct memory of the vision of Nate leaving Chicago on that first night. The first scenes that came to me were actually ones that never made it into the book—it was Nate and Ella (his oldest sister) pulling up to a charity event in Chicago and then running into Ox and Courtney as they all arrived at the same time. You’d think that would be a good scene but, well, it wasn’t. Not at all, LOL.

I *did* write a scene that had Nate sitting at dinner in Chicago with Pete (his attorney), Mark (his agent), Alexis (who ends up coming back as his PR rep/assistant), and his soon-to-be-fired manager, Dave. It’s actually where Alexis makes her “impression” (as is referred to later in the book), whi…