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July 3, 2016 Final Day at the Anime Convention

July 3, 2016
Final Day at the Anime Convention
We made it through our second and final day for us at the Anime Expo that was at the LA Convention Center.  I have to say it was an overall good experience from a parents stand point.  As far as fun and people being nice and just friendly folks in general.  I don’t think we encountered any rude CosPlayers the whole weekend.  You would ask may I take a picture of you and they were so ready with a pose it was just amazing how friendly they were.  They would let you know if someone from your group of players was somewhere and it was just so much fun in that way.  What a great community unto its own.  Now I can't say I wasn't shocked by some costumes because OH YES I WAS!  But it was to be expected.
If as a parent, I had anything to say, it's that it had me a little puzzled.  That with all the heightened alerts and security that my daughter was talking about for Comic-Con how they were going to pump up security that for this event th…

July 2, 2016 Anime Expo L.A. Convention Center

July 2, 2016
Anime Expo L.A. Convention Center

What can I say the Anime Expo other than it was the most unorganized event as far as processing tickets and parking.  We had bought tickets in advance on black Friday for this 4-day event but when we arrived for this mega event we stood in an extremely long line that took us two hours start to finish.  So that my hubby who has extremely bad knees could be even close to the venue for parking he had to pay $45 for parking.

There were lines for everything but they were not organized whatsoever.  They really need to hire some of Disneyland workers to teach them a few of their tricks.  Because they had the lines doubling back on themselves going right back on top of themselves but really going nowhere.  But in the hot sun.  They were really lucky. For the most part, the lot as a whole, took it in hot spirits, costumes, and all. 
But let me tell you we were not disappointed when it came to the costumes and what these young and old could put togethe…