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WELCOME AUTHOR OF: Starfish Moon – Donna Kauffman

WelcomeDonna Kauffman
Author of:

Rad-Reader:  How did you come to write about this storyline?
Donna:  This is the final story in a six book series, so although it stands alone and can be read and enjoyed by itself, I also wanted to give readers of the entire Blueberry Cove series a real “finale” and touch base with their favorite characters as well.  It wasn’t a stretch, given most of them are related to each other.  Kerry is the baby sister of the McCrae clan and I’d known all along that her story would tie in to her last job before coming home to Maine, the mysterious one that kept her in Australia far longer than any previous job, the one that she never talked about.  I was excited to finally get to tell it!

Rad-Reader:  I have to know are you the wanderer or someone you know?
Donna:  I am both wanderer and homebody, so I think I connected to Kerry on both of those levels, as I did with Cooper and his connection to family. I’ve wandered a good bit of the world, and I’ve happily stayed h…