FURIOUS RUSH                                               S.C. STEPHENS

Too fast, too furious-and way too hot to handle . . .

Mackenzie Cox has a lot to prove. Daughter of a racing legend, she is eager to show the world that she has inherited her father's talent in the male-dominated sport of professional motorcycle racing. The last thing Kenzie needs is to be antagonized by her rival team's newest rider, Hayden Hayes. Plucked from the world of illegal street racing, Hayden immediately gets under Kenzie's skin. His insinuations that Kenzie is a spoiled princess who was handed her career fuels her desire to win, and much to her surprise, Kenzie soon learns she performs better when she's racing against Hayden.

As Kenzie and Hayden push each other on the track, the electric energy between them off the track shifts into an intense--and strictly forbidden--attraction. The only rule between their two ultra-competitive teams is zero contact. Kenzie always does her best to play by the rules, but when her team slips into a financial crisis, she has no choice but to turn to Hayden for help. The tension simmers during their secret, late-night rendezvous, but Kenzie has too much to lose to give in to her desires. Especially when she begins to doubt that Hayden has completely left his street life behind...

A story about motorcycle racing that will keep you turning the pages as fast as they go through s- curves on a race track. You get both worlds of motorcycle racing in this story. With road racing which is going at speeds of 150 miles per hour and illegal street racing. Mackenzie Cox is the youngest daughter of a racing legend and she is making her debut on the circuit. She meets a stranger by chance at an illegal street race because of her mechanic and best friend Nikki. Turns out the racer she saw at that street race is now racing for another team, and not just any team but the rival, and the one that her father and that owner have a history. That history is not good and the teams are not allowed to be friends. What ends up happening is Mackenzie, and Hayden realize they have something special when they race and when they are just together. When the racing heats up on and off the track Mackenzie is given an ultimatum of stop seeing Hayden or I will make sure you will never race again. This was by her father who is threatening her with black balling her with all of the teams if she continues to see Hayden. What will she do? Would a father actually go to such lengths to stop his daughter from dating? Read this fast paced book and find out. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

RED NOTICE: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice

RED NOTICE                                                   BILL BROWDER

A real-life political thriller about an American financier in the Wild East of Russia, the murder of his principled young tax attorney, and his dangerous mission to expose the Kremlin's corruption.

Bill Browder's journey started on the Southside of Chicago and moved through Stanford Business School to the dog-eat-dog world of hedge fund investing in the 1990s. It continued in Moscow, where Browder made his fortune heading the largest investment fund in Russia after the Soviet Union's collapse. But when he exposed the corrupt oligarchs who were robbing the companies in which he was investing, Vladimir Putin turned on him and, in 2005, had him expelled from Russia. 

In 2007, a group of law enforcement officers raided Browder's offices in Moscow and stole $230 million of taxes that his fund's companies had paid to the Russian government. Browder's attorney Sergei Magnitsky investigated the incident and uncovered a sprawling criminal enterprise. A month after Sergei testified against the officials involved, he was arrested and thrown into pre-trial detention, where he was tortured for a year. On November 16, 2009, he was led to an isolation chamber, handcuffed to a bedrail, and beaten to death by eight guards in full riot gear. 

Browder glimpsed the heart of darkness, and it transformed his life: he embarked on an unrelenting quest for justice in Sergei's name, exposing the towering cover-up that leads right up to Putin. A financial caper, a crime thriller, and a political crusade,Red Notice is the story of one man taking on overpowering odds to change the world.

Bill Browder, is the author of this book that starts off slow with background information about his family from his grandfather running being on the ballot for President as a communist in the 30’s. To him living and working in Russia in the 90’s when he started his own hedge fund company after finding out that some of Russia’s larger companies were actually poised to make money for the right people if he got get financing. Once he gets that and he is making money he really is not looking at anything else until he gets a call about an oil company that they are invested in is going to devalue their stock. The reason for doing this is because it is Russia and they can. He sets out on a campaign to stop this and while doing this he not only loses sight of the big picture but he does not realize that he is setting himself up for a much bigger fight down the road. After winning or what he thinks is winning against the Russian oil company. Now the higher ups in Russia know his name and his company and they do not like that a foreigner has gotten over on them. Still not seeing anything and he is traveling between Moscow, and London the shake down starts. It begins slowly and then starts like fire, and as he and the people that work for him are making all of the right moves so they think. Everyone gets out except for a young lawyer who stays, Sergei Magnitsky. He continues to fight, from 2007 to 2009 when he is arrested. By November 2009 Sergei is dead. He has been beaten to death while cuffed to a bed. Now the story takes a whole different turn as Bill is fighting for justice for Sergei, and it would not happen until 2012 and it was done by Congress not the White House. The Sergei Bill once passed put Russia on notice and Vladimir Putin then came back with not allowing any Russian orphans to be adopted by Americans, so essentially he is killing the young Russian children who don’t stand a chance to survive in his country. This is a difficult book to read at times because I feel like greed started the whole ordeal to begin with, but Bill was able to get Sergei’s family out of Russia. You also get to see how our own Washington politics works, and when a few Senator’s get together they can make a difference. A good read. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

NUMBER ONE SONGS - The First Twenty Years

NUMBER ONE SONGS                                     LARRY IRONS

Number One Songs - The First Twenty Years is a unique, clever and very entertaining poem about the 436 number one songs in Billboard from the birth of rock and roll in 1956 to the beginning of disco in 1975. Larry Irons intertwines an interesting mix of facts,trivia, anecdotes, humor and personal knowledge about the songs and artists from the perspective of a successful disc jockey for more than 30 years. 

Number One Songs - The First Twenty Years has been endorsed by many in both radio and record promotion, including Steve Resnik, Co-Founder of RAMP (a daily newsletter for Radio And Music Professionals); Dave Sholin, former Top 40 editor of the Gavin Report and former Music/Program Director of KFRC San Francisco; Guy Zapoleon, Senior VP with iHeartMedia; Jon Zellner, Senior VP Programming with iHeartMedia; Sean Ross, RossOnRadio Newsletter; Mike Huckabee, Fox News Host, former governor of Arkansas and former disc jockey; and Mike Martucci, former VP with Roulette Records.

This is a different way of presenting songs from 1956 to 1975. The author writes about each song from that year in a poem. He gives you a little insight into the song, or his life, or what was happening at the time. Nothing too deep. All of the songs I am sure most people have heard at one time or another. Some of the songs from the 50’s by Pat Boone I don’t think they play on the radio, but I could be wrong. Being someone who collects records it brought back memories of listening to either 45’s or albums, and I playing doo-wop songs for my children so they could get a feel for the Flamingos, Moonglows, The Cadillacs, and of course the Platters. When he moved through the sixties I remembered the songs and was surprised at some of the ones that were number one. I did not pay attention to that stuff back then. Then when he got into the 70’s this was when I went to my first concert the Doobie Brothers, and there they were with Black Water. Of course the Eagles, and my favorite song One of These Nights, (which they don’t play on radio). He mentions others groups but one especially gets me every time. Earth, Wind and Fire, he mentions there first number one song, and album. He also suggests trying to see them in concert, and though I agree with him. They are not the same as they were in the 70’s, my wife and I say them in 77, were in high school, but that is still the best concert I have seen still to this day. We have seen the Eagles, with Roy Orbison, The Jackson’s, and just Michael, Elton John, to name a few but hands down EW&F was the best. Now if you want to hear them from the 70’s gets their album or CD titled Gratitude, that is live versions of their hits plus other songs. I got off topic, but I get like that when talking music. Back to the book. I read this in one day, actually in just a few hours. A very quick read and was very well written with some information like I said I did not know. Overall an enjoyable read. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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