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Let’s Welcome Karla Brandenburg Author of: COOKIE THERAPY

Let’s WelcomeKarla BrandenburgAuthor of:

Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this book come from?
Karla:  Matt started in Living Canvas, as Audrey’s disappointing ex-boyfriend. When I wrote the next book with Cinda (Return to Hoffman Grove), I had so much fun redeeming an unlikeable character (people absolutely HATED Cinda in Living Canvas) that I had to give Matt his shot at redemption.

Rad-Reader:  Why did everyone think it was okay to tell each other’s secrets?
Karla:  They have the best of intentions! They think they’re helping each other out.
Rad-Reader:  How did the Family Friends see themselves as a whole?
Karla:  As a family  :) because their home lives were so dysfunctional, they found the stability they needed as a group. I had one reviewer comment that she found Sue too forgiving of Mike in Cookie Therapy (she hadn’t read the rest of the story in Return to Hoffman Grove). It’s because they’re family that she can forgive him, but she is stronger and looking out for herself in Cook…