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WELLCOME AUTHOR OF: Phase: Phoebe Reede: The Untold Story #1 – Michelle Irwin

Friday 7pm 
Michelle Irwin
Author Of:

Rad-Reader:  Why make Phoebe so conflicted about who she is?
Michelle:  Phoebe’s conflicts are very strongly based on her history. Her father, Declan Reede, is a...shall we say complicated man, who made a name for himself in the Australian racing scene after a series of mistakes when he was young. His name is now a legend and a legacy she’s been raised to follow. The expectations that the media and the general public have of her are not always ones she can live up to and because of her fame, she doesn’t always know who to trust.
Rad-Reader:  Why is she running?  Is it a who or a what she’s running from?
Michelle:  It’s almost a who and a what. It’s the expectations and her father’s legacy. She’s also running from the hyper-public version of who she is. Because her life is so governed by being Declan Reede’s daughter, she has lost sight of who she is away from that.

Rad-Reader:  How did she meet Angel?  Why did they stick as friends when they a…