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Coming Friday 7pm Alison Bliss Author of: SIZE MATTERS see EXCERPT NOW

ComingFriday 7pm
Alison Bliss
Author of:Goodreads giveaway going on for 10 mass-market copies of Size Matters right now. It's only available for the next 12 days though.Here's the link:
He must be a glutton for punishment.What other reason would Sam have for going back to the bakery to talk to a woman he couldn’t look at without getting a hard-on and couldn’t speak to without unintentionally insulting?And why had he run home to shower and put on something decent before stopping by, rather than just heading straight over after work all sweaty and covered in sawdust? Christ. What am I doing here?He was apologizing, that’s what. No matter what her reaction would be, he couldn’t stand by and let Leah think he wasn’t interested because of her weight. Especially since that wasn’t the case. Just a quick apology then I’ll be on my way.Sam pushed open the bakery door and stepped inside. The sweet scent of warm chocolate overpower…



Cassidy wants two things-to make her cupcake shop a success, and to forget the ex-fiance who traded her for the lights of Hollywood. She can't stand actors, movies, or anything resembling the guy who ruined her life. So when Jase-best friend of her ex and A-list actor-shows up at the ranch to research an upcoming role, ignoring her past becomes impossible. Jase is desperate to escape Hollywood, and ranch life gives him a temporary reprieve. But ranching is starting to feel less like preparing for a role and more like the life he's always wanted. And he can't help envisioning Cassidy as his co-star. Can Jase convince this stunning cupcake shop owner that he's really a country boy at heart?

     A short sweet story of a young woman Cassidy, who had given up on her own dreams of culinary school and an internship.  To follow her boyfriend Drew, on his dream of being an actor.  You see he was an indie film star working his way i…