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WELCOME OUR GUEST: Size Matters: AUTHOR – Alison Bliss

Welcome Our GuestAlison Bliss
Author of:Rad-Reader:  Where did you come up with the Storyline?
Alison:  There were so many things that inspired the idea for this book, but two stand out above the rest. Not only did I love the idea of writing about a heroine with body issues—one who I feel most women can relate to—but I also wanted to show that women aren’t the only ones who worry about their “size.”

Rad-Reader:  Sam was a loveable Character but he had his foot in his mouth a lot.  Why?
Alison:  Unfortunately for Sam, he’s the type of guy who does or says things without thinking them through…such as announcing that he was Leah’s fiancé. But when Sam first met Leah in the bar, he didn’t realize she had self-esteem issues. He found her attractive so it never registered with him that she might not be thinking of herself in that manner. But even once he began to realize she was taking the things he said in the wrong way, it was hard to correct her perception without giving her false hope that …