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WELCOME AUTHOR OF: A Christmas Worth Billions – Jaclyn Weist



Rad-Reader:  Where is the idea for this book come from?
Jaclyn:   I actually used the song "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" as inspiration. Once I knew that much, the rest just flowed.
Rad-Reader:  What made you have David fall in love so fast after his wife passed away in this book?
Jaclyn:  I think everyone heals in a different way and at different times. David didn't want to fall in love, but sometimes it has a way of sneaking up on you anyway!

Rad-Reader:  Have readers had a problem with this or made any comments with the time frame like they did in the book?
Jaclyn:  Nope, I haven't had any complaints on the time frame. But I think no matter what the time frame in real life or book life, people will have something to say about being too fast or that they mourned for too long. :)
Rad-Reader:  His staff seemed so supportive or was it them who called the press?
Jaclyn:  His staff was very supportive. He had a lot of paparazzi follow him fo…