SAVING DREW (Silver Bay #3)

SAVING DREW                                              LARA VAN HULZEN

Recovering from a shoulder injury that could end his career as starting pitcher of the New York Empires, Drew MacIntire comes to Silver Bay for solitude and privacy from the media frenzy his surgery has created. After he dances with the beautiful baker, Baylee, at his sister’s wedding, his heart not only wants baseball back but a future with her as well.

Baylee Nelson is settled into her simple, small town life in Silver Bay with her young son, Casey. When Drew saunters into her bakery intent on asking her out, she can’t help but be thrilled. He’s handsome, sexy, kind, and also takes interest in Casey. Baylee knows she needs to keep things casual. She and Drew live in separate worlds, and she needs to keep her focus on her business and son, but Drew didn’t get to the top by giving up easily.

Drew and Baylee are falling hard, but with spring training approaching, it seems like the third strike for their future… Can their love withstand the media glare and challenges of a long distance romance?

The Silver Bay series
Book 1: Return to Silver Bay
Book 2: Loving Kate
Book 3: Saving Drew

     What an amazingly sweet story of inner struggles we all face in our lives.  Yet, sometimes some of us have to face it in the public forum depending on the life we choose to pick for ourselves.  Or sometimes life chooses for us.
     As in the case of the two people in this story.  The first being Baylee Nelson.  A young woman who married her high school sweetheart.  He happened to be the all-around jock but got a scholarship for the sport he loved football.  It was good being from Texas.  Two years in he blows out his knee.  He finishes out college, Baylee and he marries, two years later they have a son Casey.
     Erik wasn’t really ready to give up the college life of parties, friends, and them all going out when they wanted.  When Casey started to show signs of delays he really had problems with it.  You see it meant his son wouldn’t be able to do sports namely football with him bruising his ego.  Two years later he asked for a divorce.
     Baylee packed up and moved to Northern California where she knew they had a school that could really help Casey.  She also decided to open a bakery.  She always enjoyed baking.  It turned out she was good at it.  The small town opened their arms up to her, the single mom with the special little man.  Putting their protective arms around her.  Which warmed her more than she could say.  When a fire broke out at her place and the place next door she met, Kate, and they became great friends.  She did the cake for Kates wedding.
     When Kate got married she met and danced with Kate’s brother Drew Mac Intire.  He is on the injured list for the NY Empires of which he is their pitcher.  He had injured his rotator cuff so he had been a little down in the dumps so it really did surprise her when he asked her to dance.  She had seen him sulking in the corner most of the reception.  What surprised her more was when the dance was over he kissed her hand and just walked away leaving her on the dance floor.

     A couple of days later he surprised them both by showing up at her bakery.  Then sat down to have coffee and a cookie.  See what goes on from here.  You won’t want to miss it.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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