WIND RIVER WRANGLER (Wind River Valley #1)

WIND RIVER WRANGLER                                LINDSAY McKENNA

First in a new series by the author of Night Hawk and Out Rider
Still waters run deep . . .
From the moment  Roan Taggart picked up the pretty redhead at the Jackson Hole airport, his training and experience told him she was spooked. She’s left New York City to visit the Wind River Ranch, where Roan is a wrangler, and just as he can pick up a horse’s mood, he can feel the tension coming off her body.  And that vulnerability is triggering all his protective instincts...
Shiloh Gallagher likes the gray-eyed cowboy’s dry humor—and the Special Forces background that lends him a stoic, powerful presence. But she’s been scarred by trauma and her mother’s murder . . . and knows a strong man can be dangerous. She came to wide-open Wyoming to flee a threat that’s left her unable to write her novels. Now, as she rides horses with Roan and helps him build an isolated cabin, she’s slowly letting down her guard. But danger has followed her west, and they won’t have a future together unless they defeat a killer from her past…


Shiloh Gallagher is a writer living alone in New York City. She is living in the same apartment that her parents owned. Her father died when she was young and her mother remarried. Only to lose her life. Now in her mid to late twenty’s she is feeling stuck. Stuck in her apartment, in not being able to write, and she is feeling like someone is watching her. The police are no help thinking that one it is just a fan of hers, and second she is trying to get her name in the paper. Both of these ideas are false, but she cannot confidence them. She decides to take up an offer from one of her mother’s friends and she takes her up on her offer of going to Montana for a vacation. Enter Roan Taggart he works at the Wind River Ranch and went to the airport to pick up Shiloh. He was taken with her from the moment he saw her. Now he finds out that she believes that she is being stalked, and his special forces back ground comes in handy in making her calm. Also her ability to use a hammer, and other tools he believes he found the right woman for him. The problem is she does not believe in herself to have a relationship. When after a month on the ranch she gets the same feelings of being watched as she did back in New York her new friends swing into action to find anyone who happens to be out of place. A fantastic story with great characters and an ending that I did not see coming. A very good book and a very good read. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at


VENGEANCE                                                       ERIC PROCHASKA

There’s no limit to what we’ll do for family…

Ethan Tanner’s grad school life in Arizona is a far cry from his childhood in Cedar Rapids. And that’s exactly how he wants it.

Raised in near poverty by a father who dabbled none too successfully in the world of organised crime, the only person Ethan has ever cared about is his older brother Aiden.

So when he gets a call saying his brother is dead, Aiden’s world falls apart. Ethan plans to attend his brother’s funeral and then leave, once and for all. But from the moment he gets back, something feels off.

Soon, law-abiding Ethan is immersed in the dark underworld he always wanted to avoid, as he starts to think that a drug debt prompted Aiden’s death. No matter who he angers, Ethan is going to find out what really happened to his brother.

When Casey Porter, an old friend from school who is now entrenched in the world that swallowed his brother lends a hand, Ethan has to ponder how far he is willing to go to avenge Aiden. But as the pieces start to fall into place, he finds allies in strange places, and discovers a side of himself he never knew existed...

Set in a pre-9/11 world, Vengeance looks at the choices that determine our fate, a son’s quest for a father’s love, and how far one brother will go for another.


I had high hopes for this book. The story is about a Grad student Ethan Tanner who lives in Arizona and comes home to Cedar Rapids to find out how who killed his brother, and to get vengeance. He knows his father had ties with organized crime and the more he begins to dig around he ends up at his dads place. There are many characters, along with a back story of their childhood. This is all good but it drags in the middle and by the time I began to enjoy the story again it was widening down. As much as I really want to give this book a higher rating I can’t because of the drag in the middle. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us

STOLEN AWAY (Hearts of Montana #3)

STOLEN AWAY                                                   JENNIE MARTS

Elusive charmer Cash Walker is a tough-as-nails cowboy, except when it comes to the shy woman who shows up with a pretty smile, a wounded spirit, and a goat riding shotgun in her passenger seat. 

Recently divorced from an abusive husband, Emma Frank has come home to Broken Falls, Montana. Lost, alone, and unable to escape the bullying tactics of her ex-brothers-in-law, she finds solace and friendship at the Tucked Away farm and with the handsome cowboy who believes in her and who helps her find her own courage. 

There’s a darkness in Cash’s past that’s kept him from ever letting anyone get too close, but he can’t seem to stay away from Emma, who seems to be the one to finally break through his tough exterior and steal this cowboy’s heart.

Emma Franks got her divorce from an abusive husband, but now her ex brother in laws won’t leave her alone. Enter Cash Walker who has taken a liking to her. Emma does not see herself as pretty or as a catch. The years of abuse has drained her of any self-esteem she once had. Cash on the other hand is attracted to her and also wants to help her move on from her ex and the brothers in law. Emma is the first person to get in touch with the real Cash and though there are many women who want to only Emma can break through Cash’s tough side. Now will each of them let the other one help so they can move on and become a couple. Read the book and find out. a very good book with good characters and a good story. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

COWBOY KARMA (Cowboy Cocktail #4)

COWBOY KARMA                                               MIA HOPKINS

Who needs luck when you can get Lucky?

When Harmony Santos’s boyfriend dumps her on her birthday, she doesn’t get mad. She gets lucky…with a mysterious cowboy whose bedroom eyes and rough edges bring out her inner bad girl. But when their one-night rodeo turns into more than a rebound, Harmony worries her heart hasn’t healed enough to take on someone new—even if that someone is as sweet as he is sexy.

Tie-down roper Lucky Garcia can’t believe his good fortune. A shot at national finals and now this—his longtime crush, in his arms at last. The more time he spends with Harmony, the harder he falls for her. But financial demands and family responsibilities take him further and further away from her—as does his secret fear she hasn’t quite gotten over her dickhead ex.

Behind closed doors, Lucky and Harmony are filthy perfection. But when reality comes knocking, the star-crossed lovers must decide: walk away intact, or risk it all for a chance at happiness.

Get ready for rope tricks, spanking, self-pleasure, and a smoking-hot cowboy who puts the big D in Dominant.

Harmony Santos was looking forward to her birthday with her boyfriend. It did not turn out the way she was expecting it to go. Thinking that he was going to propose he instead broke up with her. Now back in her home town at the local bar she is noticing how everything has changed, not just the bar but the cowboys also. Lucky Garcia has always had the hots for Harmony, and she has used those feelings to her advantage in getting him to help her move, and anything else she wanted done. Now it is Harmony that is surprised by the look and feel of Lucky especially after they dance a few times. Now after being with her dancing Lucky wants to spend more time with her but with his confidence not that high he does not need to doubt himself with the big rodeo finals coming up. He needs to be on the top of his game for the money he wins helps his family with his sister in college. The more time Harmony spends with Lucky she sees a whole other side of him that she never saw and now must makes some tough choices of her own. A very good book with some hot scenes and a good story line. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

TOO HOT TO HANDLE (Romancing the Clarksons #1)

TOO HOT TO HANDLE                                     TESSA BAILEY

When rescue looks like a whole lot of trouble . . .

The road trip was definitely a bad idea. Having already flambéed her culinary career beyond recognition, Rita Clarkson is now stranded in God-Knows-Where, New Mexico, with a busted-ass car and her three temperamental siblings, who she hasn't seen in years. When rescue shows up---six-feet-plus of hot, charming sex on a motorcycle---Rita's pretty certain she's gone from the frying pan right into the fire . . .

Jasper Ellis has a bad boy reputation in this town, and he loathes it. The moment he sees Rita, though, Jasper knows he's about to be sorely tempted. There's something real between them. Something raw. And Jasper has only a few days to show Rita that he isn't just for tonight---he's forever.


Rita Clarkson is the daughter of a famous chief and after being kicked off a cooking show due to actions she felt another chief did to her oven (cheating) on the internet it makes her the one that looks guilty. Now her confidence in shambles the restaurant that her mother started has burned down on her watch. That is just the topper. Saving her mother’s diary she decides to show her siblings when they show up to offer their support for her. Now the four of them have decided to take a road trip together and only make it as far as New Mexico when they have car trouble. It is there that they met a man on a Harley, his name is Jasper Ellis and it turns out that he is working on re doing his life as well. He is taken by Rita when he comes upon them on the side of the road and gives her a ride back into town to get a tow truck. This is where the story really takes off as the siblings begin to work out all of the issues of the past and now she must overcome her fears of cooking, and being surprised that someone is attracted to her. Rita is always waiting for the other shoe to drop and for once it is the female who says all of the wrong things. A fun, and at times serious story of working through fears and seeing that sometimes you have to get out of your own way. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

MERCENARY (Deadliest Lies #2)

MERCENARY                                                      MICHELE MANNON

Sometimes in life, choices just aren't part of the plan. When fate interferes and bulldozes right over you.

That's how I felt the first time I saw him. Standing in my kitchen, soaking wet, hotter than a man has the right to be, and holding a knife.

Declan's cold, stone-cold. I can't help but want him. His presence stirs up some raw emotion within me. He seems so...alone. But is he here to kill me or save me?

He's the one man I should never want...and the one I can never forget.

This is the second book in the series and for me this one was more exciting and suspenseful than the first. Madelyn is the twin sister to Kylie. People are after Kylie and have mistaken Madelyn her twin for her, now trying to figure out what is going on Declan helps her in avoiding the people that are trying to do her harem, but not avoid him. Action, suspense, a love story all make for a good book, and for me better than the first. I really liked the characters also. The story seemed to flow better also. Overall a 5 star. I got this book from netgalley. Gave it 5 stars. 
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ROGUE (Deadliest Lies #1)

ROGUE                                                                MICHELE MANNON

My lover is dead.

And they think I killed him.

I'm running rogue. Hell bent on both revenge and redemption. Whatever it takes, I'm going to finish a job that began nine months ago. An unauthorized assignment that turned horribly, devastatingly wrong. My miscalculation. My fault. My heart left shattered into incomplete pieces which will never wholly fit back together again.

But first I have to outsmart my former organization and the hired killer they've sent after me; a killer who knows my every move, who’s been inside my head, my heart, and my dreams.

I'm the traitor, Kylie. The rogue mercenary. Jaxson's newest assignment. And this is our love story.

Kylie is on the run trying to complete the mission she was sent to do while dealing with the loss of her love. She also is running from the organization that hired her because they think she has gone rogue. That is why they sent someone after her. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep this story going and just enough suspense for an interesting book. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us

BODY SHOT (Last Shot #1)

BODY SHOT                                                       KELLY JAMIESON

Former Navy SEAL Beck Whitcomb left a world of privilege to prove he could make his own way. Money, mansions, expensive cars—none of it could heal the loss of his older brother, or buy his parents’ love. Now, after using his trust fund to open the Conquistadors tequila bar with his brothers-in-arms, Beck has it all: good friends, fine liquor, and hot hookups. When it comes to women, commitment’s not his thing—until he gets a taste of the pretty professor who walks into his bar . . . and winds up in his bed.

Hayden Miles knows all too well that emotional decisions can lead to heartbreak, and nothing screams “bad decision” like a playboy bartender with inked biceps and a wicked smile. Still, their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive—and Hayden knows her chemistry. For once, this good girl longs to let loose. But is she willing to risk the pain to quench her thirst? With the promise of more on the table, Hayden’s eager to believe . . . before she misses her shot.


Former Navy Seal Beck Whitcomb, and two of his buddies have opened a tequila bar in San Diego. The three of them have left the service and are now trying to make a go of it as businessmen. Hayden Miles and her friend Carrie, grew up being teased. Hayden is now a scientist, and Carrie a model. Carrie talks Hayden into going, and once there she meets Beck and the two of them are attracted to each other. Which for her is strange because she does not consider herself attractive. Now Beck must work on making her feel sexy and boy does he ever. There is many hot, hot scenes. They now must decide whether they are right for each other and that is where it gets tricky when she finds out something about him. Now they must work on overcoming each other. A very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at


PIGEON BLOOD RED                                      ED DUNCAN

For underworld enforcer Richard "Rico" Sanders, it seemed like an ordinary job. Retrieve his gangster boss's priceless pigeon-blood red ruby necklace and teach the double-dealing cheat who stole it a lesson. A job like a hundred before it. But the chase quickly goes sideways and takes Rico from the mean streets of Chicago to sunny Honolulu, where the hardened hit man finds himself in uncharted territory when a couple of innocent bystanders are accidentally embroiled in the crime.

As Rico pursues his new targets, the hunter and his prey develop an unlikely respect for one another and Rico is faced with a momentous decision: follow his orders to kill the couple whose courage and character have won his admiration, or refuse and endanger the life of the woman he loves?


I found myself thoroughly taken in with this book. The story was just long enough, and each character had meaning to the story. I don’t find that too often in crime stories. Written in almost like the old style or film noir. I was drawn in first by Rico Sanders you could say the enforcer. He is sent to find not only a person but also a necklace which stones are ruby and the red is called pigeon blood. Goes into more detail in the book. Once Rico finds where it is at he does not like the entire job. This is where things begin to change for him because Rico does not just do things to do them, he does have and needs a reason or justification behind them. He also lives by a code a street code, and when an unexpected person steps up without his knowledge until it happens this changes his assignment. His boss does not agree, but he is not Rico, and this is where it gets interesting. There are a few twists and turns which makes this book all that much better. A very good book, take time to read it. 5 stars. Follow us at 

ALWAYS MY GIRL (The Shaughnessy Brothers #3)

ALWAYS MY GIRL                                               SAMANTHA CHASE

The Shaughnessy Brother you've been waiting for!
Sometimes the love that's closest to you is the hardest to see.
Quinn Shaughnessy's two older brothers have found their true loves ... but Quinn's not about to join that parade. Nope, as he tells his best friend Anna, there's a lot more to life than getting tied down to one person. He's positive tomboy Anna will be on his side - except she's inexplicably developing other interests - even dating! Suddenly Quinn is seeing Anna in a very different light.
Quinn has been Anna's buddy since they were both five years old. She can tell him anything - except the one big secret she's been hiding for years - that she's fallen in love with him. Now Anna is determined to make a life for herself that doesn't include pining for Quinn. Falling in love with your best friend? Easy. Telling them how you really feel? Impossible.
In this book Quinn shows up for one of his brother’s wedding only to find out that no one has informed him that his best friend Anna who has grown up with him most of their lives has wait for it transformed into a beautiful, sexy, and wonderful woman. How dare they not tell him that? He had to find it out on his own when his eyes practically bulged out of the sockets when he saw her in a bikini and literally wanted to cover her up and tell her to put on some cloths. This goes on until he decides to date her and everything is going good until he starts listen to all of the people around them say that she is too good for you. Instead of talking to her he clams up and does not talk to her or his brothers. She finally kicks him to the curb and is miserable but knows this is what needs to be done. Now when his father shows up at his shop he tells him that he needs to get his head out of his ass and go for the women he wants. He doesn’t move. Gosh as a reader you want to slap him silly, and I could relate actually to Anna’s brother. Read the book to find out what happens. Another good book by a very good author. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us


BREAKING HIS RULES                                   R.C. MATTHEWS

When I landed the best bartending job in downtown Chicago, the rules were as clear as the Grey Goose martini I mixed for him. Don’t sleep with the patrons. I had no problem with that. Money didn’t impress me. But Damon Baxter’s eyes did. Midnight blue, just like the name of his nightclub. The way they undressed me made me consider risking the most sought after job in the service industry. Nailing the position had been hard. Obeying the rules? Even harder.

Good thing I like it hard. I was never one for following orders. For one night with him, I would have sold my soul to the devil. And that’s exactly what I did. Let me tell you, hell in the company of Damon Baxter was blissfully hot. I offered him a single night of pleasure, but when he demanded another in that deep and sexy whisper, what could I say? He was my boss, and I always aimed to please…when it pleased me.

He didn’t care that I broke his rules. But was I ready to break my own?

Samantha gets the job that she has been wanting and everything goes good until the boss man wants her to break his own rules with her. She so much wants to say yes but the thought of being fired scares her. Damon knows he should not want to be with her but all he can think about is her. He goes out of his way to make sure she working closer to him so he can keep an eye on her. Feeling the steam between them Samantha agrees to spend the night with him only with the knowing she will not be fired by doing so. The night ends up more than either of them expect, and now they both must figure out what to do. Does Damon change his rules? Does Samantha quit? I do know that for a short story this one hot and steamy book with strong characters. A very good. Read it and find out what happens. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at


BRONX BUMMERS                                          ROBERT DOMINGUEZ, DAVID HINCKLEY

Whether you love the Yankees or loathe them, even the most casual baseball fan is well versed on the team’s nearly 100-year lineage of legends that span the decades from Ruth to DiMaggio to Mantle to Jeter.
Most every book on the Yankees, therefore, heralds the unparalleled winning tradition of the famed Bronx Bombers.
This is not that kind of book.
In Bronx Bummers: The Unofficial History of the New York Yankees’ Bad Boys, Blunders and Brawls, authors Robert Dominguez and David Hinckley shine a light on the dark side of the team’s otherwise illustrious history.
In 50 lighthearted chapters, Bronx Bummers begins with the tale of the Yankees’ first colorful owners in 1903 — one was a former New York police chief widely considered the most corrupt cop in city history, the other was Manhattan's biggest owner of illegal gambling dens — and continues through the sordid exploits of some of the team’s earliest stars, including a slick-fielding first baseman run out of baseball for throwing games; a good-hitting pitcher who derailed his Hall of Fame-bound career with his brawling and boozing ways; and even the great Babe Ruth himself, who regularly led the league in HRs, RBIs and STDs.
And while most baseball teams have a history of bench-clearing brawls, Dominguez and Hinckley, veteran New York City tabloid reporters, chronicle how the Yankees hold the unofficial record for most fights between teammates — not to mention the most front-office blunders.
From the bad old days of the team’s origins as the Highlanders all the way to the Bronx Zoo years and beyond, Bronx Bummers divulges what really went on behind the boxscores of baseball's winningest franchise.


Being a Yankee fan just the title alone caught my eye, knowing about some of the tales that probably would be in the book. I knew there had to be more. There are plus all of the ones that are famous the authors go into a little more detail account of the tales and tribulations. The last part of the book are field with some of the not so good memories of Luis Gonzales getting a blooper to win the 7th game of the World series against the Yankees, and of course I knew they would fit the collapse of 2004 the Yankees up 3 games to 0 and the Red Sox winning the next 4 and then the World Series. They go into the pine tar game, fights between players, and the fights the players had against other teams, and fights in nightclubs and bars and hotels. There is a lot of different kind of history even the story of the two players who swapped not only wife’s, but homes, pets, children everything. Worked out for one couple not the other ones. Of course they did not touch on anything really related to Mantle, for that you have to read a book about Mantel. Also Joe D. if there was anything not mention. Some of the cast of characters were all the same, Ruth, Martin, and Reggie. Would have liked it if they would have found something or mentioned something that really had not been written in the numerous books on the history of the Yankees. I will say though that they did go into more detail than some of the other books I have read, and they went as far back as the Hilltoppers, and Highlanders, the names before the Yankees so that was good. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

FIGHT FOR OLD DC: George Preston Marshall, the Integration of the Washington Redskins, and the Rise of a New NFL

FIGHT FOR OLD DC                                      ANDREW O'TOOLE

In 1932 laundry-store tycoon George Preston Marshall became part owner of the Boston Braves franchise in the National Football League.

To separate his franchise from the baseball team, he renamed it the Redskins in 1933 and then in 1937 moved his team to Washington DC, where the team won two NFL championships over the next decade. But it was off the field that Marshall made his lasting impact. An innovator, he achieved many “firsts” in professional football. His team was the first to telecast all its games, have its own fight song and a halftime show, and assemble its own marching band and cheerleading squad. He viewed football as an entertainment business and accordingly made changes to increase scoring and improve the fan experience.

But along with innovation, there was controversy. Marshall was a proud son of the South, and as the fifties came to a close, his team remained the only franchise in the three major league sports to not have a single black player. Marshall came under pressure from Congress and the NFL and its president, Pete Rozelle, as league expansion and new television contract possibilities forced the issue on the reluctant owner. Outside forces finally pushed Marshall to trade for Bobby Mitchell, the team’s first black player, in 1962. With the story of Marshall’s holdout as the backdrop, Fight for Old DC chronicles these pivotal years when the NFL began its ascent to the top of the nation’s sporting interest.

Really enjoyed this book because it filled in a lot of history about the NFL, which I did not know about. Also you got a story and look into George Preston, the owner of the Washington Redskins, who was the last NFL team to have an African American play on the team. To break the color barrier in baseball was 47 and in football was in by 1946 Kenny Washington. There was Blacks playing before, but in 1933 when it just so happen when Marshall took over the Redskins he also lead a rule change to discriminate, so from then until 46 no one played on a team. The author takes you back in time at the look of the league and being small how just a few strong owners could sway the rest to vote one or another. Something else that was interesting was that commissioner Bert Bell in the fifties wanted to do away with the extra point back then, saying it made the game boring. This now is not something new. I also found out that some of this new commissioners ideas are really the same as Bell’s from the fifties, and I found that to be fascinating. The story itself was a good read and I enjoyed it. Watching Bobby Mitchell play for the Redskins when I was a kid I did not know all of the history behind him being the first African American player for the Redskins in 61. I simply enjoyed the game and the way he ran the ball. Now knowing the history behind it, it makes me think that maybe if he would have changed his ways his team would have been more successful on the field. Just my thought. Overall a book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

THE PURSUIT (Fox and O'Hare #5)

THE PURSUIT                                                   JANET EVANOVICH, LEE GOLDBERG

FBI agent Kate O'Hare's covert partner has been kidnapped. But she is in hot pursuit...
Nicolas Fox, con man, thief, and one of the top ten fugitives on the most-wanted list, has been kidnapped from a retreat in Hawaii. The kidnapper doesn't know that Nick Fox has been secretly working for the FBI and that his partner, Special Agent Kate O'Hare, is on their trail.
The pursuit leads to Belgium, France and Italy, and pits Nick and Kate against a deadly adversary: Dragan Kovic, an ex-military officer from Serbia. He's plotting a crime that will net him billions... and cost thousands of lives.
Nick and Kate have to mount an audacious con to avert catastrophe. The pressure's on for them to make this work - even if they have to lay their lives on the line...
They are back for book number 5 and it opens as book number 4 ends with Nick Fox being kidnap. It is now up to Kate to find him and the people that took him. Of course she calls in for help, the FBI no, her father who actually I think taught her more by the age of nine than she learned in Quantico. That is another story. What I liked about this story was or is the one between Nick and Kate and the fact that Kate is attracted to him even though she knows the he is a thief. At the same time he adores her, and for every romantic dinner or meal that he makes, she would be and wants burger, fries, or cereal. In the real world she would be most men dream girl, but he makes the sacrifice and accepts that one day she will appreciate the top of the line food, or drink. The rest of the story follows the same as the others and frankly I enjoy the characters, and the banter between all of them. Even the new agent who keeps calling her with form #2205 or whatever the number would be. I found he actually helped move the story along in a funny way thinking that he would even have a shot with Kate, and then wanting to meet her thinking she was in L.A. when actually she was half the way around the world. Overall another good story and fast paced. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

ANOTHER CHANCE (Austin Heroes #3)

ANOTHER CHANCE                                         KATHY CLARK

Blending seductive romance with explosive suspense, bestselling author Kathy Clark burns up the pages in a captivating novel about a real-life hero and a gorgeous lawyer who are reunited under chilling circumstances—sure to please fans of Nora Roberts and Karen Robards.

Homeland Security agent Luke Archer returns home to Texas on a dangerous mission—a hands-on fight against a terrorist organization that has infiltrated the United States—yet it’s a chance encounter with his high-school sweetheart that really gets his blood pumping. Luke considers himself a lone wolf who doesn’t need a woman in his life. But as memories of their sweet, innocent affair stir him body and soul, Luke starts to wonder whether he should give love another chance.

A high-powered attorney, Bella Shaw has never forgotten how Luke left her behind in Austin to chase his dreams. But when she’s being totally honest with herself, Bella can’t deny that Luke is the one man she ever truly wanted. Though he tells her that the terrorists are using her land, she’s more worried about defending her heart from the advances of the sinfully sexy lawman. Still, Bella is willing to trust him again—if Agent Archer proves he’s worthy.

The third book in the series. This one is about the youngest brother Luke Archer the Homeland Security agent. He is back in Austin on a case and after a few weeks he happens to run into his love of his life, Bella Shaw. It has been a long fourteen years apart and each has questions as to why the other one broke it off. When they find out the truth they decide to pick up where they left off and not worry about the future if there can be one until his case is over. Along the way the brothers are planning a wedding from the last book, and you find out about the past of Grammy and her life in the music business before the grand boys. What ends up being a twist is that Bella’s father and Grammy have a past and it is revealed, and a must say as someone who has read all three books it was and was not a surprise. At least the person. Sad that this is the last book for I really enjoyed all of the books and wanted at least one more store to see if Hurley ever made it past the strawberries, you have to read the books to find out. A very good book and a good series. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

FAITHFUL (Fearsome #3)

FAITHFUL                                                           S. A. WOLFE

A bombshell waitress who wants more. A former FBI agent who wants less … except for her.

*This is a standalone novel in the FEARSOME Series.

Imogene Walsh has always been unapologetically confident and ruthlessly opinionated with people, particularly men. No one is spared from her unfiltered mouth, but it hasn’t seemed to deter Cooper MacKenzie. Although he is not the clean-cut, businessman type she’s always thought she should pursue, Imogene is drawn to the sexy outsider who is the hottest topic in town gossip, the fantasy heartthrob women love to speculate about.

She has spent most of her life in the little town of Hera, NY, putting her numerous forgettable relationships behind her and floundering in both her professional and personal life. Work and men—neither have gone well for her. Now it’s reached the point where she wants to stop playing it safe.

It may be time to live up to her tough reputation and take a chance on Cooper, the only man who isn’t intimidated by Imogene’s brash personality. However, it could be a thrilling ride that doesn't end well.

You have to give this book a read. The characters are off the wall especially the lead female Imogene who does not cut anyone any slack especially guys and especially Cooper. Who was in their town before but left because he was working undercover as an FBI agent. After that case he left the job and moved to the town. Imogene was the biggest reason but will she ever let up and just go out with him. She thinks about him all the time but she is stubborn. Will this cause her to lose out on love, and made hot sex. Read the book and find out. A very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at



Move over, Vanderpump Rules, there's a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season, and it's hotter and naughtier than ever. 

When it comes to raising his only son, who's on the spectrum, single dad Sheldon Truman will do whatever it takes to secure the best Christmas for his autistic child, even if that means marrying America's leading pop princess and starring on Newlywed Boot Camp to pay for it. After all, he doesn't believe in marriage, monogamy, or happily ever after, so what's there to lose? 

With a failing handbag line, a perfume brand that stinks, and a singing career gone flat, actress Neve Adele will do anything that her PR firm, Brill Inc., throws her way. So when she's cast alongside the hottest bad boy she's ever met, the cameras start rolling, and they're forced to share a bed. The psychological games the show puts them through stir up painful emotions from her past, a childhood filled with impoverished abandonment. 

Once the filming is over, the feelings that Neve's been faking toward Sheldon suddenly become a reality. Can she stop thinking about him and get her career back on track? Or will she give up her hunger for fame and get real with the Manhattanite who not only took her virginity but her heart?

Sheldon Truman is a single father after his baby’s mother was sent to jail. After meeting his son for the first time he realizes that he is autistic. He does what any parent would do and that is change their life for their child. Now years later and his son doing great, the mother is looking at getting out of prison and wants the son back. Sheldon thinks this will undo all of the progress that has been made but does not have the money to fight her in court. Enter Neve Adele, singer, actress, and her name now is bland. This means that her knew product line of purses, and perfume will not sell. Her PR firm comes up with a plan for her to go onto a reality show for newlywed couples. Problem one she is not married, problem two she is not dating either. Enter Sheldon who happens to be the brother in-law to one of her PR people and the plan is for them to marry let him have the money, and her name will be back into public. This sounds good and at first everything seems like it will work when Sheldon says he can’t do it. Now a few weeks later he reads that she will be marrying someone else and he decides he can’t let that happen and steps up. Now the fun begins and so does the sex, for they both find out things about the other one that only draws them closer. Be ready for some steamy sex scenes, and cat fights when they are with the other couples. A fun fast paced story. a really liked all of the characters. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

THE FLEET At FLOOD TIDE: America at Total War in the Pacific, 1944-1945

THE FLEET at FLOOD TIDE                                JAMES D. HORNFISCHER

The extraordinary story of the World War II air, land, and sea campaign that brought the U.S. Navy to the apex of its strength and marked the rise of the United States as a global superpower
 One of America's preeminent military historians, James D. Hornfischer has written his most expansive and ambitious book to date. Drawing on new primary sources and personal accounts by Americans and Japanese alike, here is a thrilling narrative of the climactic end stage of the Pacific War, focusing on the U.S. invasion of the Mariana Islands in June 1944 and the momentous events that it triggered. 
With its thunderous assault into Japan's inner defensive perimeter, America crossed the threshold of total war. From the seaborne invasion of Saipan to the stunning aerial battles of the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, to the largest banzai attack of the war and the strategic bombing effort that led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Marianas became the fulcrum of the drive to compel Tokyo to surrender with consequences that forever changed modern war. 
These unprecedented operations saw the first large-scale use of Navy Underwater Demolition Teams; a revolution in the fleet's ability to sustain cross-hemispheric expeditionary warfare; the struggle of American troops facing not only a suicidal enemy garrison but desperate Japanese civilians; and the rise of the U.S. Navy as the greatest of grand fleets. From the Marianas, B-29 Superfortresses would finally unleash nuclear fire on an enemy resolved to fight to the end. 
Hornfischer casts this clash of nations and cultures with cinematic scope and penetrating insight, focusing closely on the people who rose to the challenge under fire: Raymond Spruance, the brilliant, coolly calculating commander of the Fifth Fleet; Kelly Turner, whose amphibious forces delivered Marine General Holland Howlin Mad Smith s troops to the beaches of Saipan and Tinian; Draper Kauffman, founder of the Navy unit that predated today s SEALs; Paul Tibbets, who created history s first atomic striking force and flew the Enola Gay to Hiroshima; and Japanese warriors and civilians who saw the specter of defeat as the ultimate test of the spirit. 
From the seas of the Central Pacific to the shores of Japan itself, The Fleet at Flood Tide is a stirring and deeply humane account of World War II s world-changing finale. Advance praise for The Fleet at Flood Tide 
This is a masterful account of the barbaric last year of the Pacific War, combining original scholarship, engaging prose, excellent historical judgment, and empathy for the soldier, to explain why defeating the Japanese proved so costly and how American military forces performed so effectively and, in the end, humanely. The Fleet at Flood Tide is, quite simply, popular and scholarly military history at its best. Victor Davis Hanson, author of Carnage and Culture, senior fellow in classics and military history, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University 
We have here a carefully researched and well-written account of key stages and events in the final portion of the war in the Pacific that includes a careful look at the Japanese side as well as the American. The campaign in the Marianas and the background and reality of the atomic bomb are exceptionally thoughtfully presented. Gerhard L. Weinberg, author of A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II, professor emeritus of history, University of North Carolina"

A fabulous book about the war in the Pacific and the sacrifices made by all of the service men and women. Beginning with Saipan and leading you to the end of the war with Japan, and along the way the author provides memories of some of the individuals, either by letters, diary made possible by family, and sometimes by the actual person. This gives you the reader a better feel for what was going on at the time. It still amazes how the Marines continued to storm the beaches even after seeing the comrade in arms down, and yet they would still keep coming and attacking until the island was taken. How after numerous banzai attacks the training of the sailors would kick in to save the ship, and then later grieve for the ones they lost. Another part of the book that got me was that from June of 44 to the end of the war that is when the military in the Pacific and Europe lost over One million personal of the one million and a quarter that was lost for the entire war. Shocking for me because my father was with the 82nd Airborne during that time. I also remember him telling me that after Germany surrendered that they were gearing up to go to the Pacific to invade Japan, and the day the first bomb was dropped they were actually getting reading to board planes to leave when they got the message of the first bomb. Everyone in Europe was happy because as he put they were tired of fighting, still would have. This goes along with the authors talking to people from that time and the cost of lives that were projected at the time. The author goes into detail with this and the making of the bomb. I found this to be a very thorough and fascinating book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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